Boundaries of amplituhedra and NMHV symbol alphabets at two loops

In this sequel to [3] we classify the boundaries of amplituhedra relevant for determining the branch points of general two-loop amplitudes in planar N=4$$ \mathcal{N}=4 $$ super-Yang-Mills theory. We explain the connection to on-shell diagrams, which serves as a useful cross-check. We determine the...

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Published in:Journal of High Energy Physics, Vol. 2018, No. 4 (2018), p. 1-38
Main Author: Prlina, I.
Other Involved Persons: Spradlin, M. ; Stankowicz, J. ; Stanojevic, S.
Format: electronic Article
Item Description:Open Access
A r X iv e P rint:1712.08049
Physical Description:Online-Ressource
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