From six to four and more: massless and massive maximal super Yang-Mills amplitudes in 6d and 4d and their hidden symmetries

A self-consistent exposition of the theory of tree-level superamplitudes of the 4d N=4$$ \mathcal{N}=4 $$ and 6d N=11$$ \mathcal{N}=\left(1,1\right) $$ maximally supersymmetric Yang-Mills theories is provided. In 4d we work in non-chiral superspace and construct the superconformal and dual superconf...

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Published in:Journal of High Energy Physics, Vol. 2015, No. 1 (2015), p. 1-80
Main Author: Plefka, Jan
Other Involved Persons: Schuster, Theodor ; Verschinin, Valentin
Format: electronic Article
Item Description:Open Access
A r X iv e P rint:1405.7248
Physical Description:Online-Ressource
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