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LaNiO 3 | modified with Ag nanoparticles as an efficient bifunctional electrocatalyst for rechargeable zinc–air batteries Elektronische Ressource 2019
A brief overview on synthesis and applications of graphene and graphene-based nanomaterials Elektronische Ressource 2019
Micromagnetic investigation by a simplified approach on the demagnetization field of permanent magnets with nonmagnetic phase inside Elektronische Ressource 2019
Biocompatible, small-sized and well-dispersed gold nanoparticles regulated by silk fibroin fiber from Bombyx mori | cocoons Elektronische Ressource 2019
Preparation of sulfur-doped graphene fibers and their application in flexible fibriform micro-supercapacitors Elektronische Ressource 2019
Electric-field-induced microstructure modulation of carbon nanotubes for high-performance supercapacitors Elektronische Ressource 2019
Alkylamine-mediated synthesis and photocatalytic properties of ZnO Elektronische Ressource 2019
Facile preparation of low swelling, high strength, self-healing and pH-responsive hydrogels based on the triple-network structure Elektronische Ressource 2019
Fabrication of carboxylic graphene oxide-composited polypyrrole film for neurite growth under electrical stimulation Elektronische Ressource 2019
S-, N- and C-doped ZnO as semiconductor photocatalysts: A review Elektronische Ressource 2019
Progress in synthesis and application of zwitterionic Gemini surfactants Elektronische Ressource 2019
Wearable gas/strain sensors based on reduced graphene oxide/linen fabrics Elektronische Ressource 2019
Sprayable and rapidly bondable phenolic-metal coating for versatile oil/water separation Elektronische Ressource 2019
Synthesis of nitrogen-doped carbon spheres using the modified Stöber method for supercapacitors Elektronische Ressource 2019
Structural whiteness of the multi-component glaze dependence on amorphous photonic crystals Elektronische Ressource 2019
Graphene-based bipolar plates for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells Elektronische Ressource 2019
A novel black TiO 2 | /ZnO nanocone arrays heterojunction on carbon cloth for highly efficient photoelectrochemical performance Elektronische Ressource 2019
Preparation and optimization of freestanding GaN using low-temperature GaN layer Elektronische Ressource 2019
SnO 2 | nanoparticles anchored on graphene oxide as advanced anode materials for high-performance lithium-ion batteries Elektronische Ressource 2019
Facile preparation of acid/CO 2 | stimuli-responsive sheddable nanoparticles based on carboxymethylated chitosan Elektronische Ressource 2019
Pr-doped In 2 | O 3 | nanocubes induce oxygen vacancies for enhancing triethylamine gas-sensing performance Elektronische Ressource 2019
Formation mechanism of yolk–shell LaMnO 3 | microspheres prepared by P123-template and oxidation of NO Elektronische Ressource 2019
Structural, electrical and photoluminescence properties of Er 3+ | -doped SrBi 4 | Ti 4 | O 15 | —Bi 4 | Ti 3 | O 12 | inter-growth ceramics Elektronische Ressource 2019
Preparation of carbon nanotube/epoxy composite films with high tensile strength and electrical conductivity by impregnation under pressure Elektronische Ressource 2019
Ag-assisted CeO 2 | catalyst for soot oxidation Elektronische Ressource 2019
Honeycomb-like polyaniline for flexible and folding all-solid-state supercapacitors Elektronische Ressource 2019
Improved thermal conductivity and dielectric properties of flexible PMIA composites with modified micro- and nano-sized hexagonal boron nitride Elektronische Ressource 2019
Application of BIB polishing technology in cross-section preparation of porous, layered and powder materials: A review Elektronische Ressource 2019
Corrosion resistance and antibacterial effects of hydroxyapatite coating induced by polyacrylic acid and gentamicin sulfate on magnesium alloy Elektronische Ressource 2019
Mesocrystalline TiO 2 | /sepiolite composites for the effective degradation of methyl orange and methylene blue Elektronische Ressource 2018
Fabrication of Ag 3 | PO 4 | -AgBr-PTh composite loaded on Na 2 | SiO 3 | with enhanced visible-light photocatalytic activity Elektronische Ressource 2018
Fluorinated poly(ether sulfone) ionomers with disulfonated naphthyl pendants for proton exchange membrane applications Elektronische Ressource 2018
Synthesis of sillenite-type Bi 36 | Fe 2 | O 57 | and elemental bismuth with visible-light photocatalytic activity for water treatment Elektronische Ressource 2018
Graphene: from synthesis to engineering to biosensor applications Elektronische Ressource 2018
A general synthesis strategy for the multifunctional 3D polypyrrole foam of thin 2D nanosheets Elektronische Ressource 2018
Influence and its mechanism of temperature variation in a muffle furnace during calcination on the adsorption performance of rod-like MgO to Congo red Elektronische Ressource 2018
MoS 2 | /CoS 2 | composites composed of CoS 2 | octahedrons and MoS 2 | nano-flowers for supercapacitor electrode materials Elektronische Ressource 2018
High performance sandwich structured Si thin film anodes with LiPON coating Elektronische Ressource 2018
A comparison of corrosion inhibition of magnesium aluminum and zinc aluminum vanadate intercalated layered double hydroxides on magnesium alloys Elektronische Ressource 2018
Surface characteristics of regenerative Fe-KOH/LSB catalysts for low-temperature catalytic hydrolysis of carbon disulfide and research of the surface regeneration mechanism Elektronische Ressource 2018
Evaluation of hydrogels for soft tissue adhesives in vitro | and in vivo | analyses Elektronische Ressource 2018
Hierarchical nano-on-micro copper with enhanced catalytic activity towards electro-oxidation of hydrazine Elektronische Ressource 2018
Utilization of surface differences to improve dyeing properties of poly( m | -phenylene isophthalamide) membranes Elektronische Ressource 2018
All-conjugated amphiphilic diblock copolymers for improving morphology and thermal stability of polymer/nanocrystals hybrid solar cells Elektronische Ressource 2018
Electrospun polypyrrole-coated polycaprolactone nanoyarn nerve guidance conduits for nerve tissue engineering Elektronische Ressource 2018
CoP nanoparticles enwrapped in N-doped carbon nanotubes for high performance lithium-ion battery anodes Elektronische Ressource 2018
Micromagnetic simulation on magnetic properties of Nd 2 | Fe 14 | B/α-Fe nanocomposites with Fe nanowires as the soft phase Elektronische Ressource 2018
Novel robust cellulose-based foam with pH and light dual-response for oil recovery Elektronische Ressource 2018
Enhanced visible-light-driven photocatalysis of Bi 2 | YO 4 | Cl heterostructures functionallized by bimetallic RhNi nanoparticles Elektronische Ressource 2018
Construction of yolk–shell Fe 3 | O 4 | C nanocubes for highly stable and efficient lithium-ion storage Elektronische Ressource 2018
Electrospun titania fibers by incorporating graphene/Ag hybrids for the improved visible-light photocatalysis Elektronische Ressource 2018
Electrochemical and spectroelectrochemical characterization of different mesoporous TiO 2 | film electrodes for the immobilization of Cytochrome c Elektronische Ressource 2018
Surface nucleation and independent growth of Ce(OH) 4 | within confinement space on modified carbon black surface to prepare nano-CeO 2 | without agglomeration Elektronische Ressource 2018
Rare-earth coordination polymer micro/nanomaterials: Preparation, properties and applications Elektronische Ressource 2018
Heterogeneous Fenton-like discoloration of methyl orange using Fe 3 | O 4 | /MWCNTs as catalyst: kinetics and Fenton-like mechanism Elektronische Ressource 2018
Development of new ionic gelation strategy: Towards the preparation of new monodisperse and stable hyaluronic acid/β-cyclodextrin-grafted chitosan nanoparticles as drug delivery carriers for doxorubicin Elektronische Ressource 2018
A two-step approach to synthesis of Co(OH) 2 | /γ-NiOOH/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite for high performance supercapacitors Elektronische Ressource 2018
Heterogeneous Fenton-like discoloration of methyl orange using Fe 3 | O 4 | /MWCNTs as catalyst: combination mechanism and affecting parameters Elektronische Ressource 2018
In vitro | corrosion of magnesium alloy AZ31 — a synergetic influence of glucose and Tris Elektronische Ressource 2018
Facile synthesis of perfect ZnSn(OH) 6 | octahedral microcrystallines with controlled size and high sensing performance towards ethanol Elektronische Ressource 2018
Edge-oriented MoS 2 | aligned on cellular reduced graphene for enriched dye-sensitized solar cell photovoltaic efficiency Elektronische Ressource 2018
The currently predominant Taylor principles should be disregarded in the study of plastic deformation of metals Elektronische Ressource 2018
Plasmon-enhanced solar water splitting with metal oxide nanostructures: A brief overview of recent trends Elektronische Ressource 2018
Influence of thermal annealing-induced molecular aggregation on film properties and photovoltaic performance of bulk heterojunction solar cells based on a squaraine dye Elektronische Ressource 2018
Nitrogen ion irradiation effect on enhancing photocatalytic performance of CdTe/ZnO heterostructures Elektronische Ressource 2018
A simple single-step approach towards synthesis of nanofluids containing cuboctahedral cuprous oxide particles using glucose reduction Elektronische Ressource 2018
Catalytically enhanced thin and uniform TaS 2 | nanosheets for hydrogen evolution reaction Elektronische Ressource 2018
Synthesis of BaWO 4 | /NRGO–g-C 3 | N 4 | nanocomposites with excellent multifunctional catalytic performance via microwave approach Elektronische Ressource 2018
Mo-doped Na 3 | V 2 | (PO 4 | ) 3 | C composites for high stable sodium ion battery cathode Elektronische Ressource 2018
Nitrogen-oxygen co-doped corrugation-like porous carbon for high performance supercapacitor Elektronische Ressource 2018
Dynamic recrystallization behavior of AZ31 magnesium alloy processed by alternate forward extrusion Elektronische Ressource 2017
Fabrication and characterization of Antheraea pernyi | silk fibroin-blended P(LLA-CL) nanofibrous scaffolds for peripheral nerve tissue engineering Elektronische Ressource 2017
A novel honeycomb cell assay kit designed for evaluating horizontal cell migration in response to functionalized self-assembling peptide hydrogels Elektronische Ressource 2017
Development of Al- and Cu-based nanocomposites reinforced by graphene nanoplatelets: Fabrication and characterization Elektronische Ressource 2017
Microstructure and mechanical properties of tungsten composite reinforced by fibre network Elektronische Ressource 2017
Stem cell homing-based tissue engineering using bioactive materials Elektronische Ressource 2017
Layered double hydroxide using hydrothermal treatment: morphology evolution, intercalation and release kinetics of diclofenac sodium Elektronische Ressource 2017
Photoluminescence and electrical properties of Er 3+ | -doped Na 0.5 | Bi 4.5 | Ti 4 | O 15 | —Bi 4 | Ti 3 | O 12 | inter-growth ferroelectric ceramics Elektronische Ressource 2017
Regulation of RAW 264.7 macrophages behavior on anodic TiO 2 | nanotubular arrays Elektronische Ressource 2017
Construction of AuPt core—satellite nanoparticles based on in-situ | reduction of polymeric ionic liquid protected gold nanoparticles Elektronische Ressource 2017
Crystal-chemistry insight into the photocatalytic activity of BiOCl x | Br 1− x | nanoplate solid solutions Elektronische Ressource 2017
Facile synthesis and electrochemical properties of layered Li[Ni 1/3 | Mn 1/3 | Co 1/3 | ]O 2 | as cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries Elektronische Ressource 2017
Hydrophobic interaction membrane chromatography for bioseparation and responsive polymer ligands involved Elektronische Ressource 2017
A soft tissue adhesive based on aldehyde-sodium alginate and amino-carboxymethyl chitosan preparation through the Schiff reaction Elektronische Ressource 2017
Multi-scale simulations of apatite–collagen composites: from molecules to materials Elektronische Ressource 2017
Environmentally benign chitosan as reductant and supporter for synthesis of Ag/AgCl/chitosan composites by one-step and their photocatalytic degradation performance under visible-light irradiation Elektronische Ressource 2017
Electronic structure and bonding interactions in Ba 1− x | Sr x | Zr 0.1 | Ti 0.9 | O 3 | ceramics Elektronische Ressource 2017
Electroless deposition of Au nanoparticles on reduced graphene oxide/polyimide film for electrochemical detection of hydroquinone and catechol Elektronische Ressource 2017
Photocatalytic mechanism of high-activity anatase TiO 2 | with exposed (001) facets from molecular-atomic scale: HRTEM and Raman studies Elektronische Ressource 2017
Folate-conjugated pH-responsive nanocarrier designed for active tumor targeting and controlled release of doxorubicin Elektronische Ressource 2017
Spectroscopic investigation confirms retaining the pristine nature of single-walled carbon nanotubes on dissolution in aniline Elektronische Ressource 2017
Efficiency enhancement in DIBSQ:PC 71 | BM organic photovoltaic cells by using Liq-doped Bphen as a cathode buffer layer Elektronische Ressource 2017
Isolation of fucoxanthin from Sargassum thunbergii | and preparation of microcapsules based on palm stearin solid lipid core Elektronische Ressource 2017
Synthesis of hollow Prussian blue cubes as an electrocatalyst for the reduction of hydrogen peroxide Elektronische Ressource 2017
Convenient synthesis of twin-Christmas tree-like PbWO 4 | microcrystals and their photocatalytic properties Elektronische Ressource 2017
Hydrothermal growth of symmetrical ZnO nanorod arrays on nanosheets for gas sensing applications Elektronische Ressource 2017
Ga 2 | O 3 | doping and vacancy effect in KNN—LT lead-free piezoceramics Elektronische Ressource 2017
Highly ordered Ag–TiO 2 | nanocomposited arrays with high visible-light photocatalytic activity Elektronische Ressource 2017
Effects of Ge 4+ | acceptor dopant on sintering and electrical properties of (K 0.5 | Na 0.5 | )NbO 3 | lead-free piezoceramics Elektronische Ressource 2017
One-step synthesis and self-assembly behavior of thermo-responsive star-shaped β-cyclodextrin–(P(MEO 2 | MA- co | -PEGMA)) 21 | copolymers Elektronische Ressource 2017
Structural and electrochemical investigations of nanostructured NiTiO 3 | in acidic environment Elektronische Ressource 2017
Binary phase solid-state photopolymerization of acrylates: design, characterization and biomineralization of 3D scaffolds for tissue engineering Elektronische Ressource 2017
Surface functionalization of BiFeO 3 | : A pathway for the enhancement of dielectric and electrical properties of poly(methyl methacrylate)–BiFeO 3 | composite films Elektronische Ressource 2017
Enhanced micro-vibration sensitive high-damping capacity and mechanical strength achieved in Al matrix composites reinforced with garnet-like lithium electrolyte Elektronische Ressource 2017
Microwave synthesis of chain-like zircona nanofibers through carbon-induced self-assembly growth Elektronische Ressource 2017
Electrochemical capacitance of nanostructured ruthenium-doped tin oxide Sn 1– x | Ru x | O 2 | by the microemulsion method Elektronische Ressource 2017
Si-doping bone composite based on protein template-mediated assembly for enhancing bone regeneration Elektronische Ressource 2017
Preparation and characterization of phosphate-modified mesoporous TiO 2 | incorporated in a silica matrix and their photocatalytic properties in the photodegradation of Congo red Elektronische Ressource 2017
Unique and hierarchically structured novel Co 3 | O 4 | /NiO nanosponges with superior photocatalytic activity against organic contaminants Elektronische Ressource 2017
Improved photocatalytic degradation of organic dye using Ag 3 | PO 4 | /MoS 2 | nanocomposite Elektronische Ressource 2017
Preparation of porous hollow silica spheres via a layer-by-layer process and the chromatographic performance Elektronische Ressource 2017
In vitro | corrosion of Mg–Ca alloy — The influence of glucose content Elektronische Ressource 2017
A new rabbit model of implant-related biofilm infection: development and evaluation Elektronische Ressource 2016
Up-converted ultraviolet luminescence of Er 3+ | :BaGd 2 | ZnO 5 | phosphors for healthy illumination Elektronische Ressource 2016
Sodium carboxymethylation-functionalized chitosan fibers for cutaneous wound healing application Elektronische Ressource 2016
Progress in nanostructured photoanodes for dye-sensitized solar cells Elektronische Ressource 2016
The comparison of the Wnt signaling pathway inhibitor delivered electrospun nanoyarn fabricated with two methods for the application of urethroplasty Elektronische Ressource 2016
Flow-directed assembly of non-spherical titania nanoparticles into superhydrophilic thin films Elektronische Ressource 2016
Influence of acid and alkaline sources on optical, structural and photovoltaic properties of CdSe nanoparticles precipitated from aqueous solution Elektronische Ressource 2016
Temperature and anion responsive self-assembly of ionic liquid block copolymers coating gold nanoparticles Elektronische Ressource 2016
TiO 2 | /g-C 3 | N 4 | heterojunctions: In situ | fabrication mechanism and enhanced photocatalytic activity Elektronische Ressource 2016
Effective parameter study for the facile and controlled growth of silver molybdate nano/micro rods Elektronische Ressource 2016
Excellent photocatalytic performance under visible-light irradiation of ZnS/rGO nanocomposites synthesized by a green method Elektronische Ressource 2016
Comparative evaluation of a biomimic collagen/hydroxyapatite/β-tricaleium phosphate scaffold in alveolar ridge preservation with Bio-Oss Collagen Elektronische Ressource 2016
Corrosion resistance of biodegradable polymeric layer-by-layer coatings on magnesium alloy AZ31 Elektronische Ressource 2016
The multifunctional wound dressing with core–shell structured fibers prepared by coaxial electrospinning Elektronische Ressource 2016
Paramagnetism and improved upconversion luminescence properties of NaYF 4 | :Yb,Er/NaGdF 4 | nanocomposites synthesized by a boiling water seed-mediated route Elektronische Ressource 2016
Li-ion storage performance and electrochemically induced phase evolution of layer-structured Li[Li 0.2 | Mn 0.54 | Ni 0.13 | Co 0.13 | ]O 2 | cathode material Elektronische Ressource 2016
One-step synthesis of hierarchically porous hybrid TiO 2 | hollow spheres with high photocatalytic activity Elektronische Ressource 2016
Facile and controllable preparation of mesoporous TiO 2 | using poly(ethylene glycol) as structure-directing agent and peroxotitanic acid as precursor Elektronische Ressource 2016
Electrophoretic-deposited novel ternary silk fibroin/graphene oxide/hydroxyapatite nanocomposite coatings on titanium substrate for orthopedic applications Elektronische Ressource 2016
Study on the mechanism of NH 3 | -selective catalytic reduction over CuCe x | Zr 1–x | /TiO 2 Elektronische Ressource 2016
Effects of Cr 2 | O 3 | doping on the microstructure and electrical properties of (Ba,Ca)(Zr,Ti)O 3 | lead-free ceramics Elektronische Ressource 2016
Surfactant-free synthesis of metallic bismuth spheres by microwave-assisted solvothermal approach as a function of the power level Elektronische Ressource 2016
Hot rolling and annealing effects on the microstructure and mechanical properties of ODS austenitic steel fabricated by electron beam selective melting Elektronische Ressource 2016
Magnetic motive, ordered mesoporous carbons with partially graphitized framework and controllable surface wettability: preparation, characterization and their selective adsorption of organic pollutants in water Elektronische Ressource 2016
Electrical properties and thermal sensitivity of Ti/Y modified CuO-based ceramic thermistors Elektronische Ressource 2016
Anti-corrosion mechanism of epoxy-resin and different content Fe 2 | O 3 | coatings on magnesium alloy Elektronische Ressource 2016
Synthesis, characterization and photoactivity of bi-crystalline mesoporous TiO 2 Elektronische Ressource 2016
Heterogeneous Fenton-like discoloration of methyl orange using Fe 3 | O 4 | /MWCNTs as catalyst: process optimization by response surface methodology Elektronische Ressource 2016
Preparation of microstructure-controllable superhydrophobic polytetrafluoroethylene porous thin film by vacuum thermal-evaporation Elektronische Ressource 2016
Properties of poly(1-naphthylamine)/Fe 3 | O 4 | composites and arsenic adsorption capacity in wastewater Elektronische Ressource 2016
In vitro | evaluation of electrospun gelatin–glutaraldehyde nanofibers Elektronische Ressource 2016
Natural sunlight irradiated flower-like CuS synthesized from DMF solvothermal treatment Elektronische Ressource 2016
Tailoring properties of reticulated vitreous carbon foams with tunable density Elektronische Ressource 2016
In situ | anchor of magnetic Fe 3 | O 4 | nanoparticles onto natural maifanite as efficient heterogeneous Fenton-like catalyst Elektronische Ressource 2016
Photoluminescence and electrical properties of Eu 3+ | -doped Na 0.5 | Bi 4.5 | Ti 4 | O 15 | -based ferroelectrics under blue light excitation Elektronische Ressource 2016
Improvement in synthesis of (K 0.5 | Na 0.5 | )NbO 3 | powders by Ge 4+ | acceptor doping Elektronische Ressource 2016
Quantification of the morphological transition in cadmium selenide nanocrystals as a function of reaction temperature Elektronische Ressource 2016
Neurogenic differentiation of human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells on aligned electrospun polypyrrole/polylactide composite nanofibers with electrical stimulation Elektronische Ressource 2016
A review on biodegradable materials for cardiovascular stent application Elektronische Ressource 2016
Blood compatibility of zinc–calcium phosphate conversion coating on Mg–1.33Li–0.6Ca alloy Elektronische Ressource 2016
On the Taylor principles for plastic deformation of polycrystalline metals Elektronische Ressource 2016
Microstructure and inclusion of Ti–6Al–4V fabricated by selective laser melting Elektronische Ressource 2016
Early-stage nucleation of manganese sulfide particle and its processing evolution in Fe—3wt.%Si alloys Elektronische Ressource 2016
Characterization of decellularized scaffold derived from porcine meniscus for tissue engineering applications Elektronische Ressource 2016
Hydrothermal synthesis of blue-emitting YPO 4 | :Yb 3+ | nanophosphor Elektronische Ressource 2016
Optical switching properties of Pd-Ni thin-film top-capped switchable mirrors Elektronische Ressource 2015
Facile synthesis of tremella-like MnO 2 | and its application as supercapacitor electrodes Elektronische Ressource 2015
Chitosan-collagen/organomontmorillonite scaffold for bone tissue engineering Elektronische Ressource 2015
Evaluation on biocompatibility of biomedical polyurethanes with different hard segment contents Elektronische Ressource 2015
Preparation and properties of calcium sulfate bone cement incorporated with silk fibroin and Sema3A-loaded chitosan microspheres Elektronische Ressource 2015
Semiconductor metal oxide compounds based gas sensors: A literature review Elektronische Ressource 2015
Hierarchical charge distribution controls self-assembly process of silk in vitro Elektronische Ressource 2015
Remineralization of initial enamel caries in vitro | using a novel peptide based on amelogenin Elektronische Ressource 2015
Development of part-dissolvable chitosan fibers with surface N-succinylation for wound care dressing Elektronische Ressource 2015
The development of metal hydrides using as concentrating solar thermal storage materials Elektronische Ressource 2015
Wettability manipulation of magnetic transition metal nanorod arrays by X-ray irradiation Elektronische Ressource 2015
Co-substitution of carbonate and fluoride in hydroxyapatite: Effect on substitution type and content Elektronische Ressource 2015
Self-assembling peptide nanofiber hydrogels for central nervous system regeneration Elektronische Ressource 2015
Biomechanical evaluation of different hydroxyapatite coatings on titanium for keratoprosthesis Elektronische Ressource 2015
Effects of different magnetic flux densities on microstructure and magnetic properties of molecular-beam-vapor-deposited nanocrystalline Fe 64 | Ni 36 | thin films Elektronische Ressource 2015
2.45 GHz 0.8 mW voltage-controlled ring oscillator (VCRO) in 28 nm fully depleted silicon-on-insulator (FDSOI) technology Elektronische Ressource 2015
Recent progress in injectable bone repair materials research Elektronische Ressource 2015
GaN metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors on AlGaN/GaN heterostructure with recessed gate Elektronische Ressource 2015
Bismuth telluride nanostructures: preparation, thermoelectric properties and topological insulating effect Elektronische Ressource 2015
Effects of grain size on the corrosion resistance of pure magnesium by cooling rate-controlled solidification Elektronische Ressource 2015
Macrocellular vitreous carbon with the improved mechanical strength Elektronische Ressource 2015
Bio-inspired artificial cilia with magnetic dynamic properties Elektronische Ressource 2015
Corrosion resistance of Zn–Al layered double hydroxide/poly(lactic acid) composite coating on magnesium alloy AZ31 Elektronische Ressource 2015
Synthesis, crystal structure and thermal analysis of a new stilbazolium salt crystal Elektronische Ressource 2015
Synthesis and thermal stability of selenium-doped hydroxyapatite with different substitutions Elektronische Ressource 2015
Sustained release of Semaphorin 3A from α-tricalcium phosphate based cement composite contributes to osteoblastic differentiation of MC3T3-E1 cells Elektronische Ressource 2015
Influence of microstructures on thermal fatigue property of a nickel-base superalloy Elektronische Ressource 2015
Relationship between microstructure and magnetic domain structure of Nd-Fe-B melt-spun ribbon magnets Elektronische Ressource 2015
Synthesis strategies for disulfide bond-containing polymer-based drug delivery system for reduction-responsive controlled release Elektronische Ressource 2015
Mechanical and corrosion properties of Al/Ti film on magnesium alloy AZ31B Elektronische Ressource 2015
Plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy of ZnO on in-situ | grown GaN/4H-SiC buffer layers Elektronische Ressource 2015
Preparation and enhancement of ionic conductivity in Al-added garnet-like Li 6.8 | La 3 | Zr 1.8 | Bi 0.2 | O 12 | lithium ionic electrolyte Elektronische Ressource 2015
Specific heat treatment of selective laser melted Ti–6Al–4V for biomedical applications Elektronische Ressource 2015
Impact of surface phase coexistence on the development of step-free areas on Si(111) Elektronische Ressource 2015
Electrochemical performance of overlithiated Li 1+x | Ni 0.8 | Co 0.2 | O 2 | : structural and oxidation state studies Elektronische Ressource 2015
Low-temperature mechanical and magnetic properties of the reduced activation martensitic steel Elektronische Ressource 2015
Synthesis and self-assembly of temperature and anion double responsive ionic liquid block copolymers Elektronische Ressource 2015
Biomaterials for reconstruction of cranial defects Elektronische Ressource 2015
Preface for the special issue on fabrication and application of functional materials Elektronische Ressource 2015
Conductivity enhancement by controlled percolation of inorganic salt in multiphase hexanoyl chitosan/polystyrene polymer blends Elektronische Ressource 2015
Investigation on the thermo-chemical reaction mechanism between yttria-stabilized zirconia (YSZ) and calcium-magnesium-alumino-silicate (CMAS) Elektronische Ressource 2015
Upconversion luminescent property and EPR study of NaGdF 4 | :Yb 3+ | /Tm 3+ | synthesized by the hydrothermal method Elektronische Ressource 2015
Effect of chromium content on microstructure and corrosion behavior of W-Cr-C coatings prepared on tungsten substrate Elektronische Ressource 2015
In vitro | and in vivo | evaluation of bone morphogenetic protein-2 (BMP-2) immobilized collagen-coated polyetheretherketone (PEEK) Elektronische Ressource 2015
The beginnings of plasmomechanics: towards plasmonic strain sensors Elektronische Ressource 2015
Soft chemistry based sponge-like indium tin oxide (ITO) — a prospective component of photoanode for solar cell application Elektronische Ressource 2015
A thermosensitive chitosan-based hydrogel for controlled release of insulin Elektronische Ressource 2014
Designation and development of biomedical Ti alloys with finer biomechanical compatibility in long-term surgical implants Elektronische Ressource 2014
Preface for the special issue on regenerative medical materials Elektronische Ressource 2014
Magnetic responsive scaffolds and magnetic fields in bone repair and regeneration Elektronische Ressource 2014
Preparation and application of highly porous aerogel-based bioactive materials in dentistry Elektronische Ressource 2014
Simulation of epitaxial growth on convex substrate using phase field crystal method Elektronische Ressource 2014
Preface for the special issue on light metals as biomaterials Elektronische Ressource 2014
A green chemistry approach for the synthesis and characterization of bioactive gold nanoparticles using Azolla microphylla | methanol extract Elektronische Ressource 2014
One-step electrochemical fabrication of bilayered MgO/polymer coating on magnesium alloy Elektronische Ressource 2014
Green synthesis of metal/C and metal oxide/C films by using natural membrane as support Elektronische Ressource 2014
Use of mineralized collagen bone graft substitutes and dorsal locking plate in treatment of elder metaphyseal comminuted distal radius fracture Elektronische Ressource 2014
Synergistic effect of chloride ion and albumin on the corrosion of pure magnesium Elektronische Ressource 2014
Bibliometric analysis of the literature from the mainland of China on animal-derived regenerative implantable medical devices Elektronische Ressource 2014
Physical modification of polyetheretherketone for orthopedic implants Elektronische Ressource 2014
Improvement in electrochemical capacitance of activated carbon from scrap tires by nitric acid treatment Elektronische Ressource 2014
Conductive Au nanowires regulated by silk fibroin nanofibers Elektronische Ressource 2014
In vitro | biocompatibility evaluation of silk-fibroin/polyurethane membrane with cultivation of HUVECs Elektronische Ressource 2014
Effect of corrosion on mechanical behaviors of Mg-Zn-Zr alloy in simulated body fluid Elektronische Ressource 2014
Effects of catalyst loading amount on the synthesis of poly(3-hexylthiophene) via | externally initiated Kumada catalyst-transfer polycondensation Elektronische Ressource 2014
Bone regeneration using coculture of mesenchymal stem cells and angiogenic cells Elektronische Ressource 2014
Electrospun multifunctional tissue engineering scaffolds Elektronische Ressource 2014
In vitro | degradation of MAO/PLA coating on Mg-1.21Li-1.12Ca-1.0Y alloy Elektronische Ressource 2014
A new method for concentration analysis of bacterial endotoxins in perfluorocarbon Elektronische Ressource 2014
Tumor-suppressor effects of chemical functional groups in an in vitro | co-culture system Elektronische Ressource 2014
Glucose-conjugated chitosan nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery and their specific interaction with tumor cells Elektronische Ressource 2014
Biocorrosion resistance of coated magnesium alloy by microarc oxidation in electrolyte containing zirconium and calcium salts Elektronische Ressource 2014
Release behavior and kinetic evaluation of berberine hydrochloride from ethyl cellulose/chitosan microspheres Elektronische Ressource 2014
Degradation behaviors of surface modified magnesium alloy wires in different simulated physiological environments Elektronische Ressource 2014
Origin of high mechanical quality factor in CuO-doped (K, Na)NbO 3 | -based ceramics Elektronische Ressource 2014
Conducting polypyrrole in tissue engineering applications Elektronische Ressource 2014
Effect of different processings on mechanical property and corrosion behavior in simulated body fluid of Mg-Zn-Y-Nd alloy for cardiovascular stent application Elektronische Ressource 2014
Fabrication and characterization of curcumin-loaded silk fibroin/P(LLA-CL) nanofibrous scaffold Elektronische Ressource 2014
High-strength mineralized collagen artificial bone Elektronische Ressource 2014
Phase field crystal simulation of grain boundary movement and dislocation reaction Elektronische Ressource 2014
Magnesium based degradable biomaterials: A review Elektronische Ressource 2014
Synthesis, characterization and biological evaluation of poly [LA-co-(Glc-alt-Lys)] for nerve regeneration scaffold Elektronische Ressource 2014
Effect of annealing temperature on the microstructure and mechanical properties of an as-rolled Mg-9wt.%Li-3wt.%Al-1wt.%Zn alloy sheet Elektronische Ressource 2014
Surface modification of apatite-wollastonite glass ceramic by synthetic coupling agent Elektronische Ressource 2014
Time-sequential changes of differentially expressed miRNAs during the process of anterior lumbar interbody fusion using equine bone protein extract, rhBMP-2 and autograft Elektronische Ressource 2014
Modification of biomaterials surface by mimetic cell membrane to improve biocompatibility Elektronische Ressource 2014
The development of graphene-based devices for cell biology research Elektronische Ressource 2014
In vitro | corrosion of Mg-6Zn-1Mn-4Sn-1.5Nd/0.5Y alloys Elektronische Ressource 2014
A modified spontaneous emulsification solvent diffusion method for the preparation of curcumin-loaded PLGA nanoparticles with enhanced in vitro | anti-tumor activity Elektronische Ressource 2014
Facile synthesis of magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles and their characterization Elektronische Ressource 2014
Effect of silk sericin on morphology and structure of calcium carbonate crystal Elektronische Ressource 2013
Electrospinning of curcumin loaded chitosan/poly (lactic acid) nanofilm and evaluation of its medicinal characteristics Elektronische Ressource 2013
Microstructural characterization of polycrystalline materials by synchrotron X-rays Elektronische Ressource 2013
Surface engineering of synthetic nanopores by atomic layer deposition and their applications Elektronische Ressource 2013
Multifunctional nanoparticle systems for combined chemoand photothermal cancer therapy Elektronische Ressource 2013
Strength and fatigue properties of three-step sintered dense nanocrystal hydroxyapatite bioceramics Elektronische Ressource 2013
Possible influence of sulfur content on magnetic aging behaviors of non-oriented electrical steels Elektronische Ressource 2013
Effect of surface mechanical attrition treatment of titanium using alumina balls: surface roughness, contact angle and apatite forming ability Elektronische Ressource 2013
Effect of Sn precursor on the synthesis of SnO 2 | and Sb-doped SnO 2 | particles via polymeric precursor method Elektronische Ressource 2013
The effect of selected alloying element additions on properties of Mg-based alloy as bioimplants: A literature review Elektronische Ressource 2013
Conversion of natural marine skeletons as scaffolds for bone tissue engineering Elektronische Ressource 2013
A study on the in vitro | degradation of poly( l | -lactide)/chitosan microspheres scaffolds Elektronische Ressource 2013
Photoelectrochemical behaviour of CdIn 2 | S 4 | films deposited by pulse electrodeposition using non-aqueous electrolyte Elektronische Ressource 2013
Circular dichroism of graphene oxide: the chiral structure model Elektronische Ressource 2013
Large scale synthesis of FeS coated Fe nanoparticles as reusable magnetic photocatalysts Elektronische Ressource 2013
Current research on electrospinning of silk fibroin and its blends with natural and synthetic biodegradable polymers Elektronische Ressource 2013
Microstructural stability of 9–12%Cr ferrite/martensite heat-resistant steels Elektronische Ressource 2013
Maintenance and induction of murine embryonic stem cell differentiation using E-cadherin-Fc substrata without colony formation Elektronische Ressource 2013
Mechanical behavior of organo-modified Indian bentonite nanoclay fiber-reinforced plastic nanocomposites Elektronische Ressource 2013
Internal friction study of ambient aging behaviors of irradiated tungsten by Si/H ions Elektronische Ressource 2013
Electrical conductivity of Gd doped BiFeO 3 | -PbZrO 3 | composite Elektronische Ressource 2013
Characterization of carbon black modified by maleic acid Elektronische Ressource 2013
Effect of particle size of calcium phosphate based bioceramic drug delivery carrier on the release kinetics of ciprofloxacin hydrochloride: an in vitro | study Elektronische Ressource 2013
Ultraviolet-accelerated formation of bone-like apatite on oxidized Ti-24Nb-4Zr-7.9Sn alloy Elektronische Ressource 2013
Novel crosslinked alginate/hyaluronic acid hydrogels for nerve tissue engineering Elektronische Ressource 2013
Calcium carbonate crystallization controlled by functional groups: A mini-review Elektronische Ressource 2013
Oil spill cleanup from sea water by carbon nanotube sponges Elektronische Ressource 2013
Thermal shock behavior of ZrB 2 | -SiC ceramics with different quenching media Elektronische Ressource 2013
Poriferan chitin as a template for hydrothermal zirconia deposition Elektronische Ressource 2013
Influence of service temperature on tribological characteristics of self-lubricant coatings: A review Elektronische Ressource 2013
Advanced engineering and biomimetic materials for bone repair and regeneration Elektronische Ressource 2013
Silk fibroin-based scaffolds for tissue engineering Elektronische Ressource 2013
Effect of electrochemical etching current on prepared perforated silicon structures for neutron detectors Elektronische Ressource 2013
Energy investigations on the mechanical properties of magnesium alloyed by X = C, B, N, O and vacancy Elektronische Ressource 2013
Recent research situation in tin dioxide nanomaterials: synthesis, microstructures, and properties Elektronische Ressource 2013
The effect of calcination temperature on the capacitive properties of WO 3 | -based electrochemical capacitors synthesized via a sol-gel method Elektronische Ressource 2013
Silicate-doped hydroxyapatite and its promotive effect on bone mineralization Elektronische Ressource 2013
Structural, optical and electron paramagnetic resonance studies on Cu-doped ZnO nanoparticles synthesized using a novel auto-combustion method Elektronische Ressource 2013
Irradiation effects on nanocrystalline materials Elektronische Ressource 2013
Glioma cell line proliferation controlled by different chemical functional groups in vitro Elektronische Ressource 2013
BiCoO 3 | -doped (K 0.475 | Na 0.475 | Li 0.05 | )(Nb 0.8 | Ta 0.2 | )O 3 | lead-free piezoelectric ceramics Elektronische Ressource 2012
Gold nanoparticles: sonocatalytic synthesis using ethanolic extract of Andrographis paniculata | and functionalization with polycaprolactone-gelatin composites Elektronische Ressource 2012
Atomistic study of anisotropic effect on two-dimensional dynamic crack Elektronische Ressource 2012
β-Cyclodextrin inclusion complex: preparation, characterization, and its aspirin release in vitro Elektronische Ressource 2012
Preparation and properties of adjacency crosslinked polyurethane-urea elastomers Elektronische Ressource 2012
Preparation of poly( N | -isopropylacrylamide) brush grafted silica particles via surface-initiated atom transfer radical polymerization used for aqueous chromatography Elektronische Ressource 2012
Coatings of needle/stripe-like fluoridated hydroxyapatite on H 2 | O 2 | -treated carbon/carbon composites prepared by induction heating and hydrothermal methods Elektronische Ressource 2012
Supported La 1− x | Ce x | MnO 3 | perovskite catalysts: preparation, characterization and catalytic performance in methane combustion Elektronische Ressource 2012
Electrical and non-linear optical studies on electrospun ZnO/BaO composite nanofibers Elektronische Ressource 2012
Electrical properties of garnet-like lithium ionic conductors Li 5+ x | Sr x | La 3− x | Bi 2 | O 12 | fabricated by spark plasma sintering method Elektronische Ressource 2012
Carbon nanomaterials: controlled growth and field-effect transistor biosensors Elektronische Ressource 2012
Enhanced mechanical properties of linear segmented shape memory poly(urethane-urea) by incorporating flexible PEG400 and rigid piperazine Elektronische Ressource 2012
Scaffolds for central nervous system tissue engineering Elektronische Ressource 2012
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