Research on anisotropic parameters by synthetic seismogram

Based on the extensive-dilatancy anisotropy theory, the method of synthetic seismogram is used to estimate the anisotropic parameters. The advantages of the method lie in that it avoids the singularity resolution and saves calculation time of computer by using the eigenvalue and eigenvector analytic...

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Veröffentlicht in:Earthquake science, Vol. 18, No. 2 (2005), p. 196-205
1. Verfasser: Xiao-ping, Fan
Weitere beteiligte Personen: Qing-he, Li ; Yang, Cong-jie
Format: elektronischer Aufsatz
Anmerkung:Foundation item: National Natural Science Foundation of China (D4007410) and Joint Seismological Science Foundation of China (603006).
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