Study of bulk and grain-boundary conductivity of Ln 2+x | Hf 2−x | O 7−δ | (Ln = Sm-Gd; x = 0, 0.096) pyrochlores

The electrical conductivity of new solid electrolytes Eu2.096 Hf1.904 O6.952 and Gd2 Hf2 O7 have been compared with those for different pyrochlores including titanates and zirconates Ln2+xМ2−x O7−δ(Ln = Sm-Lu; M = Ti, Zr; x = 0−0.81). Impedance spectroscopy data demonstrate that Eu2.096 Hf1.904 O6.9...

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Published in:Journal of Electroceramics, Vol. 24, No. 4 (2010), p. 300-307
Main Author: Shlyakhtina, V.
Other Involved Persons: Savvin, N. ; Levchenko, V. ; Knotko, V. ; Fedtke, Petra ; Busch, Andreas ; Barfels, Torsten ; Wienecke, Marion ; Shcherbakova, G.
Format: electronic Article
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