Shadowing effect in inelastic electron scattering on 12 | C and 27 | Al nuclei at small four momentum transfer

The cross section for inelastic electron scattering on12 C and27 Al has been measured for energy transfers of the virtual photon ν<6.2 GeV and four momentum transfers 0.075< Q2<1 GeV2. The influence of different sources of the radiative corrections is studied in detail. Shadowing effects ar...

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Published in:Zeitschrift für Physik, Vol. 2, No. 4 (1979), p. 279-284
Main Author: Huber, G.
Other Involved Persons: Hartwig, S. ; Heimlich, H. ; Rössle, E. ; Bleckwenn, J. ; Köbberling, M. ; Moritz, J. ; Schmidt, H. ; Wegener, D. ; Zeller, D. ; David, P. ; Mommsen, H.
Format: electronic Article
Physical Description:Online-Ressource
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