Local Definitizability of $${{T^{[\ast]}T}}$$ | and $${{TT^{{[\ast]}}}}$$

The spectral properties of two products AB and BA of possibly unbounded operators A and B in a Banach space are considered. The results are applied in the comparison of local spectral properties of the operators$${T^{[\ast]} T}$$ and$${TT^{[\ast]}}$$ in a Krein space. It is shown that under the assu...

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Published in:Integral Equations and Operator Theory, Vol. 71, No. 4 (2011), p. 491-508
Main Author: Philipp, Friedrich
Other Involved Persons: Ran, M. ; Wojtylak, Michał
Format: electronic Article
Item Description:Open Access
The first author gratefully acknowledges support from the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG), grant BE 3765/5-1 TR 904/4-1. The third author was supported by the EU Sixth Framework Programme for the Transfer of Knowledge "Operator theory methods for differential equations” (TODEQ) # MTKD-CT-2005-030042, he also thanks the Faculty of Sciences of the VU University Amsterdam, where the research was partially carried out during his Post-Doc stay.
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