Additional changes to taxonomy ratified in a special vote by the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (October 2018)

This article reports the changes to virus taxonomy approved and ratified by the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV) in October 2018. Of note, the ICTV has approved, by an absolute majority, the creation of additional taxonomical ranks above those recognized previously. A total of 1...

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Published in:Archives of virology, Vol. 164, No. 3 (2019), p. 943-946
Main Author: Siddell, Stuart G
Other Involved Persons: Walker, Peter J ; Lefkowitz, Elliot J ; Mushegian, Arcady R ; Adams, Michael J ; Dutilh, Bas E ; Gorbalenya, Alexander E ; Harrach, Balázs ; Harrison, Robert L ; Junglen, Sandra ; Knowles, Nick J ; Kropinski, Andrew M ; Krupovic, Mart ; Kuhn, Jens H ; Nibert, Max ; Rubino, Luisa ; Sabanadzovic, Sead ; Sanfaçon, Hélène ; Simmonds, Peter ; Varsani, Arvind ; Zerbini, Francisco Murilo ; Davison, Andrew J
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Date Revised 05.03.2019
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