Electronic Structure of Cobalt-Corrole-Pyridine Complexes : Noninnocent Five-Coordinate Co(II) Corrole-Radical States

Two sets of complexes of Co-triarylcorrole-bispyridine complexes, Co[TpXPC](py)2 and Co[Br8TpXPC](py)2 have been synthesized, where TpXPC refers to a meso-tris(para-X-phenyl)corrole ligand with X = CF3, H, Me, and OMe and Br8TpXPC to the corresponding β-octabrominated ligand. The axial pyridines in...

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Published in:The journal of physical chemistry. A, Vol. 121, No. 50 (2017), p. 9589-9598
Main Author: Ganguly, Sumit
Other Involved Persons: Conradie, Jeanet ; Bendix, Jesper ; Gagnon, Kevin J ; McCormick, Laura J ; Ghosh, Abhik
Format: electronic Article
Item Description:Date Completed 05.03.2018
Date Revised 05.03.2018
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Published in: The journal of physical chemistry. A, Vol. 121, No. 50 (2017), p. 9589-9598

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