Estrogen pathway polymorphisms in relation to primary open angle glaucoma : an analysis accounting for gender from the United States

PURPOSE: Circulating estrogen levels are relevant in glaucoma phenotypic traits. We assessed the association between an estrogen metabolism single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) panel in relation to primary open angle glaucoma (POAG), accounting for gender

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Published in:Molecular vision, Vol. 19 (2013), p. 1471-81
Main Author: Pasquale, Louis R
Other Involved Persons: Loomis, Stephanie J ; Weinreb, Robert N ; Kang, Jae H ; Yaspan, Brian L ; Bailey, Jessica Cooke ; Gaasterland, Douglas ; Gaasterland, Terry ; Lee, Richard K ; Scott, William K ; Lichter, Paul R ; Budenz, Donald L ; Liu, Yutao ; Realini, Tony ; Friedman, David S ; McCarty, Catherine A ; Moroi, Sayoko E ; Olson, Lana ; Schuman, Joel S ; Singh, Kuldev ; Vollrath, Douglas ; Wollstein, Gadi ; Zack, Donald J ; Brilliant, Murray ; Sit, Arthur J ; Christen, William G ; Fingert, John ; Kraft, Peter ; Zhang, Kang ; Allingham, R Rand ; Pericak-Vance, Margaret A ; Richards, Julia E ; Hauser, Michael A ; Haines, Jonathan L ; Wiggs, Janey L
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