The genomic landscape of species divergence in Ficedula flycatchers

Unravelling the genomic landscape of divergence between lineages is key to understanding speciation. The naturally hybridizing collared flycatcher and pied flycatcher are important avian speciation models that show pre- as well as postzygotic isolation. We sequenced and assembled the 1.1-Gb flycatch...

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Published in:Nature, Vol. 491, No. 7426 (2012), p. 756-60
Main Author: Ellegren, Hans (Author)
Other Involved Persons: Smeds, Linnéa ; Burri, Reto ; Olason, Pall I ; Backström, Niclas ; Kawakami, Takeshi ; Künstner, Axel ; Mäkinen, Hannu ; Nadachowska-Brzyska, Krystyna ; Qvarnström, Anna ; Uebbing, Severin ; Wolf, Jochen B W
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