Towards BioDBcore : a community-defined information specification for biological databases

The present article proposes the adoption of a community-defined, uniform, generic description of the core attributes of biological databases, BioDBCore. The goals of these attributes are to provide a general overview of the database landscape, to encourage consistency and interoperability between r...

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Published in:Nucleic acids research, Vol. 39, No. Database issue (2011), p. D7-10
Main Author: Gaudet, Pascale
Other Involved Persons: Bairoch, Amos ; Field, Dawn ; Sansone, Susanna-Assunta ; Taylor, Chris ; Attwood, Teresa K ; Bateman, Alex ; Blake, Judith A ; Bult, Carol J ; Cherry, J Michael ; Chisholm, Rex L ; Cochrane, Guy ; Cook, Charles E ; Eppig, Janan T ; Galperin, Michael Y ; Gentleman, Robert ; Goble, Carole A ; Gojobori, Takashi ; Hancock, John M ; Howe, Douglas G ; Imanishi, Tadashi ; Kelso, Janet ; Landsman, David ; Lewis, Suzanna E ; Mizrachi, Ilene Karsch ; Orchard, Sandra ; Ouellette, B F Francis ; Ranganathan, Shoba ; Richardson, Lorna ; Rocca-Serra, Philippe ; Schofield, Paul N ; Smedley, Damian ; Southan, Christopher ; Tan, Tin Wee ; Tatusova, Tatiana ; Whetzel, Patricia L ; White, Owen ; Yamasaki, Chisato ; BioDBCore Working Group
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Item Description:Date Completed 28.04.2011
Date Revised 08.10.2019
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