Nucleotide divergence vs. gene expression differentiation : comparative transcriptome sequencing in natural isolates from the carrion crow and its hybrid zone with the hooded crow

Recent advances in sequencing technology promise to provide new strategies for studying population differentiation and speciation phenomena in their earliest phases. We focus here on the black carrion crow (Corvus [corone] corone), which forms a zone of hybridization and overlap with the grey coated...

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Published in:Molecular ecology, Vol. 19 Suppl 1 (2010), p. 162-75
Main Author: Wolf, Jochen B W (Author)
Other Involved Persons: Bayer, Till ; Haubold, Bernhard ; Schilhabel, Markus ; Rosenstiel, Philip ; Tautz, Diethard
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Item Description:Date Completed 03.05.2010
Date Revised 24.03.2010
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