DNA microarray analysis of the heat- and cold-shock stimulons in Yersinia pestis

DNA microarray was used as a tool to define the heat- and cold-shock stimulons in Yersinia pestis. Heat shock dramatically enhanced the transcription of genes encoding major heat-shock proteins (MHSPs) that are important for cell survival against the heat. Many other genes were also greatly up-regul...

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Published in:Microbes and infection, Vol. 7, No. 3 (2005), p. 335-48
Main Author: Han, Yanping
Other Involved Persons: Zhou, Dongsheng ; Pang, Xin ; Zhang, Ling ; Song, Yajun ; Tong, Zongzhong ; Bao, Jingyue ; Dai, Erhei ; Wang, Jin ; Guo, Zhaobiao ; Zhai, Junhui ; Du, Zongmin ; Wang, Xiaoyi ; Wang, Jian ; Huang, Peitang ; Yang, Ruifu
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Date Revised 20.10.2016
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