Pseudogene accumulation might promote the adaptive microevolution of Yersinia pestis

Plague is a natural focus-based disease, and for better understanding of this disease it is crucial to determine the molecular mechanisms of its pathogen, Yersinia pestis, for adapting to different foci. Gene inactivation, loss and acquisition are the main mechanisms that contribute to a pathogen�...

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Published in:Journal of medical microbiology, Vol. 54, No. Pt 3 (2005), p. 259-68
Main Author: Tong, Zongzhong
Other Involved Persons: Zhou, Dongsheng ; Song, Yajun ; Zhang, Ling ; Pei, Decui ; Han, Yanping ; Pang, Xin ; Li, Min ; Cui, Baizhong ; Wang, Jin ; Guo, Zhaobiao ; Qi, Zhizhen ; Jin, Lixia ; Zhai, Junhui ; Du, Zongmin ; Wang, Jun ; Wang, Xiaoyi ; Yu, Jun ; Wang, Jian ; Huang, Peitang ; Yang, Huanming ; Yang, Ruifu
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Item Description:Date Completed 10.03.2005
Date Revised 18.11.2010
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