Sesquiterpenes from Cupressus macrocarpa foliage

Ten sesquiterpenes, many with unusual carbon skeletons, were identified in foliage of Cupressus macrocarpa. These are (-)-10-epi-beta-acoradiene; ent-widdra-2,4(14)-diene; (E)-iso-gamma-bisabolene, i.e., (4E)-4-(1,5-dimethylhex-5-enylidene)-1-methylcyclohexene; (-)-cumacrene, i.e., (4S)-4-[(1R,2S)-2...

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Published in:Phytochemistry, Vol. 66, No. 2 (2005), p. 249-60
Main Author: Cool, Laurence G (Author)
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Item Description:Date Completed 11.04.2005
Date Revised 17.01.2005
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