Expression of neuregulin and ErbB3 and ErbB4 after a traumatic lesion in the ventral funiculus of the spinal cord and in the intact primary olfactory system

Neuron-derived neuregulins have been implicated in the regulation of glial cell function and survival. This factor family and its receptors may therefore be assumed to be of importance for the cellular response to traumatic injury. In this study we have examined the distribution of mRNA for neuregul...

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Published in:Experimental brain research, Vol. 142, No. 1 (2002), p. 81-90
Main Author: Lindholm, T
Other Involved Persons: Cullheim, S ; Deckner, M ; Carlstedt, T ; Risling, M
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Item Description:Date Completed 27.02.2002
Date Revised 30.11.2018
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