Tree physiology

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The influence of spectral composition on spring and autumn phenology in trees Elektronische Ressource 2019
Large branch and leaf hydraulic safety margins in subtropical evergreen broadleaved forest Elektronische Ressource 2019
Transcription factors involved in the regulatory networks governing the Calvin-Benson-Bassham cycle Elektronische Ressource 2019
Quantification of leaf-scale light energy allocation and photoprotection processes in a Mediterranean pine forest under extensive seasonal drought Elektronische Ressource 2019
Type III secretion systems impact Mesorhizobium amorphae CCNWGS0123 compatibility with Robinia pseudoacacia Elektronische Ressource 2019
Oak genotype and phenolic compounds differently affect the performance of two insect herbivores with contrasting diet breadth Elektronische Ressource 2019
Characterization of the developmental dynamics of the elongation of a bamboo internode during the fast growth stage Elektronische Ressource 2019
Transcriptomic and metabolomic profiling of Camellia sinensis L. cv. 'Suchazao' exposed to temperature stresses reveals modification in protein synthesis and photosynthetic and anthocyanin biosynthetic pathways Elektronische Ressource 2019
A new automated stem CO2 efflux chamber based on industrial ultra-low-cost sensors Elektronische Ressource 2019
PeSHN1 regulates water-use efficiency and drought tolerance by modulating wax biosynthesis in poplar Elektronische Ressource 2019
Less safety for more efficiency Elektronische Ressource water relations and hydraulics of the invasive tree Ailanthus altissima (Mill.) Swingle compared with native Fraxinus ornus L 2019
Multi-species test and calibration of an improved transient thermal dissipation system of sap flow measurement with a single probe Elektronische Ressource 2019
Functional shifts in leaves of woody invaders of deciduous forests between their home and away ranges Elektronische Ressource 2019
Prolonged warming and drought modify belowground interactions for water among coexisting plants Elektronische Ressource 2019
A bZIP transcription factor, CaLMF, mediated light-regulated camptothecin biosynthesis in Camptotheca acuminata Elektronische Ressource 2019
Conifers but not angiosperms exhibit vulnerability segmentation between leaves and branches in a temperate forest Elektronische Ressource 2019
Contrasting controls on tree ring isotope variation for Amazon floodplain and terra firme trees Elektronische Ressource 2019
Vertical variation in wood CO2 efflux is not uniformly related to height Elektronische Ressource measurement across various species and sizes of Bornean tropical rainforest trees 2019
Seasonal changes in plant-water relations influence patterns of leaf display in Miombo woodlands Elektronische Ressource evidence of water conservative strategies 2019
Rootstock determines the drought resistance of poplar grafting combinations Elektronische Ressource 2019
Poplar leaf rust reduces dry mass accumulation and internal nitrogen recycling more markedly under low soil nitrogen availability, and decreases growth in the following spring Elektronische Ressource 2019
The potential of Mid-Infrared spectroscopy for prediction of wood density and vulnerability to embolism in woody angiosperms Elektronische Ressource 2019
NRAMP1 promotes iron uptake at the late stage of iron deficiency in poplars Elektronische Ressource 2019
Comparative transcriptional and metabolic responses of Pinus pinea to a native and a non-native Heterobasidion species Elektronische Ressource 2019
Whole-plant frost hardiness of mycorrhizal (Hebeloma sp. or Suillus luteus) and non-mycorrhizal Scots pine seedlings Elektronische Ressource 2019
Secondary leaves of an outbreak-adapted tree species are both more resource acquisitive and more herbivore resistant than primary leaves Elektronische Ressource 2019
Isotope ratio laser spectroscopy to disentangle xylem-transported from locally respired CO2 in stem CO2 efflux Elektronische Ressource 2019
No need for pipes when the well is dry-a comment on hydraulic failure in trees Elektronische Ressource 2019
De novo characterization of the Goji berry (Lycium barbarium L.) fruit transcriptome and analysis of candidate genes involved in sugar metabolism under different CO2 concentrations Elektronische Ressource 2019
Differences in isoprenoid-mediated energy dissipation pathways between coastal and interior Douglas-fir seedlings in response to drought Elektronische Ressource 2019
Let it snow! Winter conditions affect growth of birch seedlings during the following growing season Elektronische Ressource 2019
Genetic differentiation in functional traits among European sessile oak populations Elektronische Ressource 2019
Elevated temperature differently affects growth, photosynthetic capacity, nutrient absorption and leaf ultrastructure of Abies faxoniana and Picea purpurea under intra- and interspecific competition Elektronische Ressource 2019
Responses to competition for nitrogen between subtropical native tree seedlings and exotic grasses are species-specific and mediated by soil N availability Elektronische Ressource 2019
Vulnerability to xylem embolism correlates to wood parenchyma fraction in Angiosperms but not in Gymnosperms Elektronische Ressource 2019
Mitigating the open vessel artefact in centrifuge-based measurement of embolism resistance Elektronische Ressource 2019
Sodium interception by xylem parenchyma and chloride recirculation in phloem may augment exclusion in the salt tolerant Pistacia genus Elektronische Ressource context for salinity studies on tree crops 2019
Drought response strategies and hydraulic traits contribute to mechanistic understanding of plant dry-down to hydraulic failure Elektronische Ressource 2019
Seasonal changes of sucrose transporter expression and sugar partitioning in common European tree species Elektronische Ressource 2019
The R2R3 MYB transcription factor MYB189 negatively regulates secondary cell wall biosynthesis in Populus Elektronische Ressource 2019
Bacillus thuringiensis cry1C expression from the plastid genome of poplar leads to high mortality of leaf-eating caterpillars Elektronische Ressource 2019
How do newly matured vessels start conducting water? The significance of lateral pathways for connecting newly matured vessels to the transpiration stream Elektronische Ressource 2019
Large variation in branch and branch-tip hydraulic functional traits in Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) approaching lower treeline Elektronische Ressource 2019
Evidence of a seasonal trade-off between growth and starch storage in declining beeches Elektronische Ressource assessment through stem radial increment, non-structural carbohydrates and intra-ring δ13C 2019
The stomatal response to rising CO2 concentration and drought is predicted by a hydraulic trait-based optimization model Elektronische Ressource 2019
PhePEBP family genes regulated by plant hormones and drought are associated with the activation of lateral buds and seedling growth in Phyllostachys edulis Elektronische Ressource 2019
Sexually differential gene expressions in poplar roots in response to nitrogen deficiency Elektronische Ressource 2019
Carbon-use strategies in stem radial growth of two oak species, one Temperate deciduous and one Mediterranean evergreen Elektronische Ressource what can be inferred from seasonal variations in the δ13C of the current year ring? 2019
Involvement of HD-ZIP I transcription factors LcHB2 and LcHB3 in fruitlet abscission by promoting transcription of genes related to the biosynthesis of ethylene and ABA in litchi Elektronische Ressource 2019
Plant water content integrates hydraulics and carbon depletion to predict drought-induced seedling mortality Elektronische Ressource 2019
Intra-annual dynamics of phloem formation and ultrastructural changes in sieve tubes in Fagus sylvatica Elektronische Ressource 2019
Growth resilience and oxidative burst control as tolerance factors to Ophiostoma novo-ulmi in Ulmus minor Elektronische Ressource 2019
Long-term acclimation to drought, salinity and temperature in the thermophilic tree Ziziphus spina-christi Elektronische Ressource revealing different tradeoffs between mesophyll and stomatal conductance 2019
Soil moisture regime and palm height influence embolism resistance in oil palm Elektronische Ressource 2019
Populus NST/SND orthologs are key regulators of secondary cell wall formation in wood fibers, phloem fibers and xylem ray parenchyma cells Elektronische Ressource 2019
A standardization method to disentangle environmental information from axial trends of xylem anatomical traits Elektronische Ressource 2019
Short-term nitrogen dynamics are impacted by defoliation and drought in Fagus sylvatica L. branches Elektronische Ressource 2019
Hydraulic architecture and vulnerability to drought-induced embolism in southern boreal tree species of Inner Asia Elektronische Ressource 2019
Development of secondary cell walls in cells adjacent to vessel elements may be controlled by signals from the vessel element Elektronische Ressource 2019
Tree-ring isotopes suggest atmospheric drying limits temperature-growth responses of treeline bristlecone pine Elektronische Ressource 2019
Does climate-related in situ variability of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) needles have a genetic basis? Evidence from common garden experiments Elektronische Ressource 2019
Non-invasive imaging shows no evidence of embolism repair after drought in tree species of two genera Elektronische Ressource 2019
Climatic and physiological regulation of the bimodal xylem formation pattern in Pinus pinaster saplings Elektronische Ressource 2019
Water transport from stem to stomata Elektronische Ressource the coordination of hydraulic and gas exchange traits across 33 subtropical woody species 2019
Waterlogging and soil freezing during dormancy affected root and shoot phenology and growth of Scots pine saplings Elektronische Ressource 2019
Pathophysiological responses of pine defensive metabolites largely lack differences between pine species but vary with eliciting ophiostomatoid fungal species Elektronische Ressource 2019
Functional xylem anatomy of aspen exhibits greater change due to insect defoliation than to drought Elektronische Ressource 2019
Conservation and divergence of ancestral AGAMOUS/SEEDSTICK subfamily genes from the basal angiosperm Magnolia wufengensis Elektronische Ressource 2019
Vessel-length determination using silicone and air injection Elektronische Ressource Are there artifacts? 2019
Effect of soil water availability on intra-annual xylem and phloem formation and non-structural carbohydrate pools in stem of Quercus pubescens Elektronische Ressource 2019
Aluminum toxicity could be mitigated with boron by altering the metabolic patterns of amino acids and carbohydrates rather than organic acids in trifoliate orange Elektronische Ressource 2019
Defoliation constrains xylem and phloem functionality Elektronische Ressource 2019
Embolism resistance of different aged stems of a California oak species (Quercus douglasii) Elektronische Ressource Optical and microCT methods differ from the benchtop-dehydration standard 2019
Seasonal gas exchange and resource-use efficiency in evergreen versus deciduous species from a tropical dry forest Elektronische Ressource 2019
Genome-wide association analysis of the lipid and fatty acid metabolism regulatory network in the mesocarp of oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) based on small noncoding RNA sequencing Elektronische Ressource 2019
Effects of heater wattage on sap flux density estimates using an improved tree-cut experiment Elektronische Ressource 2019
Condensed tannins Elektronische Ressource arbiters of abiotic stress tolerance? 2019
Abnormal tapetum development in hermaphrodites of an androdioecious tree, Tapiscia sinensis Elektronische Ressource 2019
Growth-regulating factor 15 is required for leaf size control in Populus Elektronische Ressource 2019
Do nano-particles cause recalcitrant vulnerability curves in Robinia? Testing with a four-cuvette Cochard rotor and with water extraction curves Elektronische Ressource 2019
Environmental conditions, not sugar export efficiency, limit the length of conifer leaves Elektronische Ressource 2019
Does phloem osmolality affect diurnal diameter changes of twigs but not of stems in Scots pine? Elektronische Ressource 2019
Diurnal dynamics of phloem loading Elektronische Ressource theoretical consequences for transport efficiency and flow characteristics 2019
Tracking the route of atmospheric nitrogen to diazotrophs colonizing buried mangrove roots Elektronische Ressource 2019
Specific spatio-temporal dynamics of absorptive fine roots in response to neighbor species identity in a mixed beech-spruce forest Elektronische Ressource 2019
Simulated projections of boreal forest peatland ecosystem productivity are sensitive to observed seasonality in leaf physiology† Elektronische Ressource 2019
The transcriptional activity of a temperature-sensitive transcription factor module is associated with pollen shedding time in pine Elektronische Ressource 2019
Metabolic and physiological analyses reveal that Populus cathayana males adopt an energy-saving strategy to cope with phosphorus deficiency Elektronische Ressource 2019
Overexpression of PtrbHLH, a basic helix-loop-helix transcription factor from Poncirus trifoliata, confers enhanced cold tolerance in pummelo (Citrus grandis) by modulation of H2O2 level via regulating a CAT gene Elektronische Ressource 2019
Repeated summer drought delays sugar export from the leaf and impairs phloem transport in mature beech Elektronische Ressource 2019
Similarities and differences in the balances between leaf, xylem and phloem structures in Fraxinus ornus along an environmental gradient Elektronische Ressource 2019
Repair of severe winter xylem embolism supports summer water transport and carbon gain in flagged crowns of the subalpine conifer Abies veitchii Elektronische Ressource 2019
Involvement of CesA4, CesA7-A/B and CesA8-A/B in secondary wall formation in Populus trichocarpa wood Elektronische Ressource 2019
Late growing season carbon subsidy in native gymnosperms in a northern temperate forest Elektronische Ressource 2019
Transcriptome profiling of postharvest shoots identify PheNAP2 and PheNAP3 promoted shoot senescence Elektronische Ressource 2019
'Pressure fatigue' Elektronische Ressource the influence of sap pressure cycles on cavitation vulnerability in Acer negundo 2019
Involvement of Populus CLEL Peptides in Root Development Elektronische Ressource 2019
Corrigendum Elektronische Ressource Whole-plant frost hardiness of mycorrhizal (Hebeloma sp. or Suillus luteus) and non-mycorrhizal Scots pine seedlings 2019
MiRNA-target pairs regulate adventitious rooting in Populus Elektronische Ressource a functional role for miR167a and its target Auxin response factor 8 2019
Involvement of HbMC1-mediated cell death in tapping panel dryness of rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis) Elektronische Ressource 2019
Gene duplication led to divergence of expression patterns, protein-protein interaction patterns and floral development functions of AGL6-like genes in the basal angiosperm Magnolia wufengensis (Magnoliaceae) Elektronische Ressource 2019
Increased root investment can explain the higher survival of seedlings of 'mesic' Quercus suber than 'xeric' Quercus ilex in sandy soils during a summer drought Elektronische Ressource 2019
Inducibility of chemical defences in young oak trees is stronger in species with high elevational ranges Elektronische Ressource 2019
Estimating conductive sapwood area in diffuse and ring porous trees with electronic resistance tomography Elektronische Ressource 2019
Black spruce assimilates nitrate in boreal winter Elektronische Ressource 2019
Drought impacts on tree phloem Elektronische Ressource from cell-level responses to ecological significance 2019
A heuristic classification of woody plants based on contrasting shade and drought strategies Elektronische Ressource 2019
Short-time xylem tension relaxation prevents vessel refilling and alleviates cryo-fixation artifacts in diffuse-porous Carpinus tschonoskii and Cercidiphyllum japonicum Elektronische Ressource 2019
Dying on time Elektronische Ressource traits influencing the dynamics of tree mortality risk from drought 2019
Condensed tannins are inducible antioxidants and protect hybrid poplar against oxidative stress Elektronische Ressource 2019
Characterization and comparison of nitrate fluxes in Tamarix ramosissima and cotton roots under simulated drought conditions Elektronische Ressource 2019
Estimation of phloem carbon translocation belowground at stand level in a hinoki cypress stand Elektronische Ressource 2019
Short-term effects of high CO2 accelerate photosynthetic induction in Populus koreana × trichocarpa with always-open stomata regardless of phenotypic changes in high CO2 growth conditions Elektronische Ressource 2019
Variability of stem CO2 efflux response to temperature over the diel period Elektronische Ressource 2019
Compound leaves are associated with high hydraulic conductance and photosynthetic capacity Elektronische Ressource evidence from trees in Northeast China 2019
Warming and CO2 enrichment modified the ecophysiological responses of Dahurian larch and Mongolia pine during the past century in the permafrost of northeastern China Elektronische Ressource 2019
Phenological shifts in conifer species stressed by spruce budworm defoliation Elektronische Ressource 2019
Moderate water stress does not inhibit nitrogen remobilization, allowing fast growth in high nitrogen content Quercus variabilis seedlings under dry conditions Elektronische Ressource 2019
Silver nanoparticles enter the tree stem faster through leaves than through roots Elektronische Ressource 2019
Variations in the intrinsic water-use efficiency of north Patagonian forests under a present climate change scenario Elektronische Ressource tree age, site conditions and long-term environmental effects 2019
How does water flow from vessel to vessel? Further investigation of the tracheid bridge concept Elektronische Ressource 2019
Molecular regulatory mechanism of isoprene emission under short-term drought stress in the tropical tree Ficus septica Elektronische Ressource 2019
Association of the phenylpropanoid pathway with dormancy and adaptive trait variation in apricot (Prunus armeniaca) Elektronische Ressource 2019
Responses of photosynthesis and component processes to drought and temperature stress Elektronische Ressource Are Mediterranean trees fit for climate change? 2019
Evolutionary potential varies across populations and traits in the neotropical oak Quercus oleoides Elektronische Ressource 2019
Introduction to the invited issue on phloem function and dysfunction Elektronische Ressource 2019
Magnetic resonance imaging suggests functional role of previous year vessels and fibres in ring-porous sap flow resumption Elektronische Ressource 2019
Nutrient availability alters the correlation between spring leaf-out and autumn leaf senescence dates Elektronische Ressource 2019
Ion-mediated increases in xylem hydraulic conductivity Elektronische Ressource seasonal differences between coexisting ring- and diffuse-porous temperate tree species 2019
Fight or flight? Potential tradeoffs between drought defense and reproduction in conifers Elektronische Ressource 2019
Beyond the extreme Elektronische Ressource recovery of carbon and water relations in woody plants following heat and drought stress 2019
Size-dependent variation in leaf functional traits and nitrogen allocation trade-offs in Robinia pseudoacacia and Cornus controversa Elektronische Ressource 2019
Is NPP proportional to GPP? Waring's hypothesis 20 years on Elektronische Ressource 2019
Plant-PET to investigate phloem vulnerability to drought in Populus tremula under changing climate regimes Elektronische Ressource 2019
Changes in Phytohormone Content and Associated Gene Expression Throughout the Stages of Pear (Pyrus pyrifolia Nakai) Dormancy Elektronische Ressource 2019
Contributions of day length, temperature and individual variability on the rate and timing of leaf senescence in the common lilac Syringa vulgaris Elektronische Ressource 2019
Close to the edge Elektronische Ressource effects of repeated severe drought on stem hydraulics and non-structural carbohydrates in European beech saplings 2019
Contrasting strategies of xylem formation between black spruce and balsam fir in Quebec, Canada Elektronische Ressource 2019
Differences in morphological and physiological plasticity in two species of first-year conifer seedlings exposed to drought result in distinct survivorship patterns Elektronische Ressource 2019
Intraspecific differences in spring leaf phenology in relation to tree size in temperate deciduous trees Elektronische Ressource 2019
Xylem functioning, dysfunction and repair Elektronische Ressource a physical perspective and implications for phloem transport 2019
Involvement of HD-ZIP I transcription factors LcHB2 and LcHB3 in fruitlet abscission by promoting transcription of genes related to the biosynthesis of ethylene and ABA in litchi Elektronische Ressource 2019
Respiratory costs of producing and maintaining stem biomass in eight co-occurring tree species Elektronische Ressource 2019
BpAP1 directly regulates BpDEF to promote male inflorescence formation in Betula platyphylla × B. pendula Elektronische Ressource 2019
Effects of phloem on canopy dieback, tested with manipulations and a canker pathogen in the Corylus avellana/Anisogramma anomala host/pathogen system Elektronische Ressource 2019
Modeling of xylem vessel occlusion in grapevine Elektronische Ressource 2019
The impact of prolonged drought on phloem anatomy and phloem transport in young beech trees Elektronische Ressource 2019
Limitations to using phloem sap to assess tree water and nutrient status Elektronische Ressource 2019
Incorporating non-stomatal limitation improves the performance of leaf and canopy models at high vapour pressure deficit Elektronische Ressource 2019
Lack of acclimation of leaf area:sapwood area ratios in piñon pine and juniper in response to precipitation reduction and warming Elektronische Ressource 2019
The stability enigma of hydraulic vulnerability curves Elektronische Ressource addressing the link between hydraulic conductivity and drought-induced embolism 2019
Metabolic memory in the phenological events of plants Elektronische Ressource looking beyond climatic factors 2019
Drought-induced mortality in Scots pine Elektronische Ressource opening the metabolic black box 2019
Prediction of temperate broadleaf tree species mortality in arid limestone habitats with stomatal safety margins Elektronische Ressource 2019
Metrics and proxies for stringency of regulation of plant water status (iso/anisohydry) Elektronische Ressource a global data set reveals coordination and trade-offs among water transport traits 2019
Tree host-pathogen interactions as influenced by drought timing Elektronische Ressource linking physiological performance, biochemical defence and disease severity 2019
Mycorrhizas enhance drought tolerance of citrus by altering root fatty acid compositions and their saturation levels Elektronische Ressource 2019
Copper accumulation, subcellular partitioning and physiological and molecular responses in relation to different copper tolerance in apple rootstocks Elektronische Ressource 2019
The timing of drought coupled with pathogens may boost tree mortality Elektronische Ressource 2019
Identifying the relevant carbohydrate storage pools available for remobilization in aspen roots Elektronische Ressource 2019
Electrical resistivity tomography Elektronische Ressource patterns in Betula pendula, Fagus sylvatica, Picea abies and Pinus sylvestris 2019
Fully exposed canopy tree and liana branches in a tropical forest differ in mechanic traits but are similar in hydraulic traits Elektronische Ressource 2019
Heat stress tolerance determines the survival and growth of introduced Canadian sugar maple in subtropical China Elektronische Ressource 2019
Hairy root culture as a valuable tool for allelopathic studies in apple Elektronische Ressource 2019
The interaction between nonstructural carbohydrate reserves and xylem hydraulics in Korean pine trees across an altitudinal gradient Elektronische Ressource 2018
Long cold exposure induces transcriptional and biochemical remodelling of xylem secondary cell wall in Eucalyptus Elektronische Ressource 2018
Polyploidy influences plant-environment interactions in quaking aspen (Populus tremuloides Michx.) Elektronische Ressource 2018
Resource investments in reproductive growth proportionately limit investments in whole-tree vegetative growth in young olive trees with varying crop loads Elektronische Ressource 2018
Early root growth and architecture of fast- and slow-growing Norway spruce (Picea abies) families differ-potential for functional adaptation Elektronische Ressource 2018
The mycorrhizal type governs root exudation and nitrogen uptake of temperate tree species Elektronische Ressource 2018
Changes in genomic 5-methylcytosine level mirror the response of orthodox (Acer platanoides L.) and recalcitrant (Acer pseudoplatanus L.) seeds to severe desiccation Elektronische Ressource 2018
Stand development and other intrinsic factors largely control fine-root dynamics with only subtle modifications from resource availability Elektronische Ressource 2018
Coordinated responses of plant hydraulic architecture with the reduction of stomatal conductance under elevated CO2 concentration Elektronische Ressource 2018
Expansion of the dehydrin gene family in the Pinaceae is associated with considerable structural diversity and drought-responsive expression Elektronische Ressource 2018
Timing and mode of simulated ungulate herbivory alter aspen defense strategies Elektronische Ressource 2018
Leaf turgor loss point is correlated with drought tolerance and leaf carbon economics traits Elektronische Ressource 2018
Direct uptake of canopy rainwater causes turgor-driven growth spurts in the mangrove Avicennia marina Elektronische Ressource 2018
Thirsty tree roots exude more carbon Elektronische Ressource 2018
Characterization of two TERMINAL FLOWER1 homologs PgTFL1 and PgCENa from pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) Elektronische Ressource 2018
Reconstructing the suberin pathway in poplar by chemical and transcriptomic analysis of bark tissues Elektronische Ressource 2018
Divergent phenological and leaf gas exchange strategies of two competing tree species drive contrasting responses to drought at their altitudinal boundary Elektronische Ressource 2018
CAVIAR Elektronische Ressource an R package for checking, displaying and processing wood-formation-monitoring data 2018
Proteomic analysis on mangrove plant Avicennia marina leaves reveals nitric oxide enhances the salt tolerance by up-regulating photosynthetic and energy metabolic protein expression Elektronische Ressource 2018
Temperature response of respiration and respiratory quotients of 16 co-occurring temperate tree species Elektronische Ressource 2018
Heterosis in poplar involves phenotypic stability Elektronische Ressource cottonwood hybrids outperform their parental species at suboptimal temperatures 2018
Winter survival of Scots pine seedlings under different snow conditions Elektronische Ressource 2018
Different endophyte communities colonize buds of sprouts compared with mature trees of mountain birch recovered from moth herbivory Elektronische Ressource 2018
Transcriptomic insight into nitrogen uptake and metabolism of Populus simonii in response to drought and low nitrogen stresses Elektronische Ressource 2018
Precipitation is not limiting for xylem formation dynamics and vessel development in European beech from two temperate forest sites Elektronische Ressource 2018
Standardized protocols and procedures can precisely and accurately quantify non-structural carbohydrates Elektronische Ressource 2018
Carbohydrate dynamics of three dominant species in a Chinese savanna under precipitation exclusion Elektronische Ressource 2018
Cellular and molecular characterizations of a slow-growth variant provide insights into the fast growth of bamboo Elektronische Ressource 2018
Coexisting oak species, including rear-edge populations, buffer climate stress through xylem adjustments Elektronische Ressource 2018
Leaf shedding increases the photosynthetic rate of the canopy in N2-fixing and non-N2-fixing woody species Elektronische Ressource 2018
Does winter desiccation account for seasonal increases in supercooling capacity of Norway spruce bud primordia? Elektronische Ressource 2018
Functional relationships between wood structure and vulnerability to xylem cavitation in races of Eucalyptus globulus differing in wood density Elektronische Ressource 2018
Functional characterization of WHY-WRKY75 transcriptional module in plant response to cassava bacterial blight Elektronische Ressource 2018
A major trade-off between structural and photosynthetic investments operative across plant and needle ages in three Mediterranean pines Elektronische Ressource 2018
Branching out Elektronische Ressource a new era of investigating physiological processes in forest trees using genomic tools 2018
Differential metabolic specialization of foliar oil glands in Eucalyptus brevistylis Brooker (Myrtaceae) Elektronische Ressource 2018
Metabolic plasticity in the hygrophyte Moringa oleifera exposed to water stress Elektronische Ressource 2018
Effects of bud-flushing strategies on tree growth Elektronische Ressource 2018
Sulfur nutrition stimulates lead accumulation and alleviates its toxicity in Populus deltoides Elektronische Ressource 2018
Cambial phenology in Juniperus przewalskii along different altitudinal gradients in a cold and arid region Elektronische Ressource 2018
Leaf-level photosynthetic capacity dynamics in relation to soil and foliar nutrients along forest-savanna boundaries in Ghana and Brazil Elektronische Ressource 2018
The role of arginine metabolic pathway during embryogenesis and germination in maritime pine (Pinus pinaster Ait.) Elektronische Ressource 2018
Post-veraison irreversible stem shrinkage in grapevine (Vitis vinifera) is caused by periderm formation Elektronische Ressource 2018
Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and foliar phosphorus inorganic supply alleviate salt stress effects in physiological attributes, but only arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi increase biomass in woody species of a semiarid environment Elektronische Ressource 2018
In situ embolism induction reveals vessel refilling in a natural aspen stand Elektronische Ressource 2018
Physiological differences between root suckers and saplings enlarge the regeneration niche in Eucryphia cordifolia Cav Elektronische Ressource 2018
Assessing the between-background stability of metabolic effects arising from lignin-related transgenic modifications, in two Populus hybrids using non-targeted metabolomics Elektronische Ressource 2018
Dynamics of phosphorus nutrition, allocation and growth of young beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) trees in P-rich and P-poor forest soil Elektronische Ressource 2018
Identifying which conduits are moving water in woody plants Elektronische Ressource a new HRCT-based method 2018
Tree-ring anatomy and carbon isotope ratio show both direct and legacy effects of climate on bimodal xylem formation in Pinus pinea Elektronische Ressource 2018
Transpiration and stomatal conductance in a young secondary tropical montane forest Elektronische Ressource contrasts between native trees and invasive understorey shrubs 2018
Photosynthetic refixation varies along the stem and reduces CO2 efflux in mature boreal Pinus sylvestris trees Elektronische Ressource 2018
Protein acetylation as a mechanism for Kandelia candel's adaption to daily flooding Elektronische Ressource 2018
Storage of defense metabolites in the leaves of Myrtaceae Elektronische Ressource news of the eggs in different baskets 2018
Renewed interest in whole-plant physiology sheds light on the complexity of plant stress response architecture Elektronische Ressource 2018
Acclimation of branch and leaf hydraulics in adult Fagus sylvatica and Picea abies in a forest through-fall exclusion experiment Elektronische Ressource 2018
Genes and gene clusters related to genotype and drought-induced variation in saccharification potential, lignin content and wood anatomical traits in Populus nigra Elektronische Ressource 2018
Robustness of xylem properties in conifers Elektronische Ressource analyses of tracheid and pit dimensions along elevational transects 2018
Hybrid vigour - poplars play it cool Elektronische Ressource 2018
Linking stem growth respiration to the seasonal course of stem growth and GPP of Scots pine Elektronische Ressource 2018
Further insights into the components of resistance to Ophiostoma novo-ulmi in Ulmus minor Elektronische Ressource hydraulic conductance, stomatal sensitivity and bark dehydration 2018
Overexpression of a cytosolic NADP+-isocitrate dehydrogenase causes alterations in the vascular development of hybrid poplars Elektronische Ressource 2018
Contrasting physiological responses to Mediterranean climate variability are revealed by intra-annual density fluctuations in tree rings of Quercus ilex L. and Pinus pinea L Elektronische Ressource 2018
Photosynthesis and carbon allocation are both important predictors of genotype productivity responses to elevated CO2 in Eucalyptus camaldulensis Elektronische Ressource 2018
Tubulins, rhythms and cell walls in poplar leaves Elektronische Ressource it's all in the timing 2018
Comparative phenology of dormant Japanese pear (Pyrus pyrifolia) flower buds Elektronische Ressource a possible cause of 'flowering disorder' 2018
Why size matters Elektronische Ressource the interactive influences of tree diameter distribution and sap flow parameters on upscaled transpiration 2018
Functional characteristics of phenolic compounds accumulated in young leaves of two subtropical forest tree species of different successional stages Elektronische Ressource 2018
Species ecology determines the role of nitrogen nutrition in the frost tolerance of pine seedlings Elektronische Ressource 2018
Boreal tree hydrodynamics Elektronische Ressource asynchronous, diverging, yet complementary 2018
Dissecting the rootstock control of scion transpiration using model-assisted analyses in grapevine Elektronische Ressource 2018
A novel application of RNase H2-dependent quantitative PCR for detection and quantification of Grosmannia clavigera, a mountain pine beetle fungal symbiont, in environmental samples Elektronische Ressource 2018
The sweet side of global change-dynamic responses of non-structural carbohydrates to drought, elevated CO2 and nitrogen fertilization in tree species Elektronische Ressource 2018
Coarse roots prevent declines in whole-tree non-structural carbohydrate pools during drought in an isohydric and an anisohydric species Elektronische Ressource 2018
Controls on foliar aluminium accumulation among populations of the tropical shrub Melastoma malabathricum L. (Melastomataceae) Elektronische Ressource 2018
The potential of the tree water potential Elektronische Ressource 2018
BTB protein MdBT2 inhibits anthocyanin and proanthocyanidin biosynthesis by triggering MdMYB9 degradation in apple Elektronische Ressource 2018
Characterization of the rubber tree metallothionein family reveals a role in mitigating the effects of reactive oxygen species associated with physiological stress Elektronische Ressource 2018
Image analysis procedure for the optical scanning of fine-root dynamics Elektronische Ressource errors depending on the observer and root-viewing window size 2018
The rear window Elektronische Ressource structural and functional plasticity in tree responses to climate change inferred from growth rings 2018
Doing the best we can Elektronische Ressource the realities of measuring non-structural carbohydrates in trees 2018
Do atmospheric CO2 concentration increase, climate and forest management affect iWUE of common beech? Evidences from carbon isotope analyses in tree rings Elektronische Ressource 2018
Overexpression of PeMIPS1 confers tolerance to salt and copper stresses by scavenging reactive oxygen species in transgenic poplar Elektronische Ressource 2018
Age alters uptake pattern of organic and inorganic nitrogen by rubber trees Elektronische Ressource 2018
Mistletoe-induced growth reductions at the forest stand scale Elektronische Ressource 2018
The influence of increasing temperature and CO2 concentration on recent growth of old-growth larch Elektronische Ressource contrasting responses at leaf and stem processes derived from tree-ring width and stable isotopes 2018
Leaf-level photosynthetic capacity dynamics in relation to soil and foliar nutrients along forest-savanna boundaries in Ghana and Brazil Elektronische Ressource 2018
Footprints of divergent evolution in two Na+/H+ type antiporter gene families (NHX and SOS1) in the genus Populus Elektronische Ressource 2018
Antifungal stilbene impregnation Elektronische Ressource transport and distribution on the micron-level 2018
Relationship between stomatal density, size and speed of opening in Sumatran rainforest species Elektronische Ressource 2018
Gas exchange by the mesic-origin, arid land plantation species Robinia pseudoacacia under annual summer reduction in plant hydraulic conductance Elektronische Ressource 2018
Trees use more non-structural carbohydrate reserves during epicormic than basal resprouting Elektronische Ressource 2018
Xylem anatomical adjustments prioritize hydraulic efficiency over safety as Norway spruce trees grow taller Elektronische Ressource 2018
Liana and tree below-ground water competition-evidence for water resource partitioning during the dry season Elektronische Ressource 2018
Comparative transcriptome analysis reveals an early gene expression profile that contributes to cold resistance in Hevea brasiliensis (the Para rubber tree) Elektronische Ressource 2018
Phenylalanine as a nitrogen source induces root growth and nitrogen-use efficiency in Populus × canescens Elektronische Ressource 2018
Active summer carbon storage for winter persistence in trees at the cold alpine treeline Elektronische Ressource 2018
Phosphorus nutrition of Populus × canescens reflects adaptation to high P-availability in the soil Elektronische Ressource 2018
Tropical dry forest trees and lianas differ in leaf economic spectrum traits but have overlapping water-use strategies Elektronische Ressource 2018
Intra-annual wood formation of subtropical Chinese red pine shows better growth in dry season than wet season Elektronische Ressource 2018
Aluminum effects on photosynthesis, reactive oxygen species and methylglyoxal detoxification in two Citrus species differing in aluminum tolerance Elektronische Ressource 2018
Reliance on deep soil water in the tree species Argania spinosa Elektronische Ressource 2018
Growth and carbon balance are differently regulated by tree and shoot fruiting contexts Elektronische Ressource an integrative study on apple genotypes with contrasted bearing patterns 2018
Variability in temperature dependence of stem CO2 efflux from Norway spruce trees Elektronische Ressource 2018
Carbon allocation and partitioning in Populus tremuloides are modulated by ectomycorrhizal fungi under phosphorus limitation Elektronische Ressource 2018
Tree-ring proxies of larch bud moth defoliation Elektronische Ressource latewood width and blue intensity are more precise than tree-ring width 2018
Differential responses of Picea asperata and Betula albosinensis to nitrogen supply imposed by water availability Elektronische Ressource 2018
Fruiting and sink competition Elektronische Ressource 2018
Transcriptome analysis of Pinus halepensis under drought stress and during recovery Elektronische Ressource 2018
Cellular ion interactions in two endemic tropical rainforest species of a novel metallophytic tree genus Elektronische Ressource 2018
Daily stem diameter variations can predict the canopy water status of mature temperate trees Elektronische Ressource 2018
An extended model of heartwood secondary metabolism informed by functional genomics Elektronische Ressource 2018
Seasonal changes of δD and δ18O in tree-ring cellulose of Quercus crispula suggest a change in post-photosynthetic processes during earlywood growth Elektronische Ressource 2018
Unexpected drought resistance strategies in seedlings of four Brachychiton species Elektronische Ressource 2018
Leaf phenology and water-use patterns of canopy trees in Northern Argentinean subtropical forests Elektronische Ressource 2018
Stomatal oscillations in olive trees Elektronische Ressource analysis and methodological implications 2018
Impact of warming, moderate nitrogen addition and bark herbivory on BVOC emissions and growth of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) seedlings Elektronische Ressource 2018
Growth and wood isotopic signature of Norway spruce (Picea abies) along a small-scale gradient of soil moisture Elektronische Ressource 2018
Leaf turgor loss as a predictor of plant drought response strategies Elektronische Ressource 2018
Variation in xylem vulnerability to embolism in European beech from geographically marginal populations Elektronische Ressource 2018
Localized gene expression changes during adventitious root formation in black walnut (Juglans nigra L.) Elektronische Ressource 2018
Testing the plant pneumatic method to estimate xylem embolism resistance in stems of temperate trees Elektronische Ressource 2018
Age-related changes in survival and turnover rates of balsam fir (Abies balsamea (L.) Mill.) fine roots Elektronische Ressource 2018
Cambial pinning relates wood anatomy to ecophysiology in the African tropical tree Maesopsis eminii Elektronische Ressource 2018
Daytime stem swelling and seasonal reversal in the peristaltic depletion of stored water along the stem of Avicennia marina (Forssk.) Vierh Elektronische Ressource 2018
Dwarf mistletoe infection in jack pine alters growth-defense relationships Elektronische Ressource 2018
Transport efficiency and cavitation resistance in developing shoots Elektronische Ressource a risk worth taking 2018
Variations in xylem embolism susceptibility under drought between intact saplings of three walnut species Elektronische Ressource 2018
CRISPR/Cas9-mediated knockout of Populus BRANCHED1 and BRANCHED2 orthologs reveals a major function in bud outgrowth control Elektronische Ressource 2018
Environmental controls on light inhibition of respiration and leaf and canopy daytime carbon exchange in a temperate deciduous forest Elektronische Ressource 2018
Fruit production and branching density affect shoot and whole-tree wood to leaf biomass ratio in olive Elektronische Ressource 2018
Extreme droughts affecting Mediterranean tree species' growth and water-use efficiency Elektronische Ressource the importance of timing 2018
Effects of bud-flushing strategies on tree growth Elektronische Ressource 2018
Intra-specific trends of lumen and wall resistivities of vessels within the stem xylem vary among three woody plants Elektronische Ressource 2018
Genetic variation in transcription factors and photosynthesis light-reaction genes regulates photosynthetic traits Elektronische Ressource 2018
The WUSCHEL-related homeobox 5a (PtoWOX5a) is involved in adventitious root development in poplar Elektronische Ressource 2018
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