cDNA cloning and genomic analysis of a new multigene family sharing common phylogenetic and expression profiles with the laminin receptor gene

We have isolated a human laminin receptor (LR) cDNA which bears a different sequence in its 5' end with regard to the corresponding region in the regular LR mRNA. This different sequence hybridizes to a 1 kb mRNA. We have cloned a 740 bp cDNA for this transcript (cDNA 48-1). Search on sequence...

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Published in:Biochemical and biophysical research communications, Vol. 184, No. 3 (1992), p. 1165-72
Main Author: Bignon, C (Author)
Other Involved Persons: Roux-Dosseto, M ; Zeigler, M E ; Wicha, M S ; Martin, P M
Format: Article
Item Description:Date Completed 23.06.1992
Date Revised 12.06.2019
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