Prevention and treatment of purulent inflammatory complications of open craniocerebral trauma with decamethoxine

In the work based on the analysis of observation of 154 sufferers with an open craniocerebral trauma, the positive therapeutic and preventive action of agueous solutions of decamethoxine is shown

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Published in:Klinicheskaia khirurgiia, , No. 12 (1992), p. 10-2
Main Author: Pedachenko, E G
Other Involved Persons: Golik, G A ; Pedachenko, G A ; Paliĭ, G K ; Licianyĭ, N I ; Kulikova, M V ; Smaliukh, Iu V ; Shmeĭsani, A
Format: Article
Item Description:Date Completed 13.05.1993
Date Revised 19.11.2015
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Published in:
Klinicheskaia khirurgiia, , No. 12 (1992), p. 10-2
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