The carotenoids of Flavobacterium strain R1560

The main carotenoid of Flavobacterium strain R1560 has been identified as (3R,3'R)-zeaxanthin. Also present were small amounts of 15-cis-phytoene, phytofluene, "zeta-carotene" (7,8,7',8'-tetrahydro-psi, psi-carotene plus 7,8,11,12-tetrahydro-psi, psi-carotene), neurosporene,...

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Published in:Archives of microbiology, Vol. 113, No. 1-2 (1977), p. 33-7
Main Author: Britton, G
Other Involved Persons: Brown, D J ; Goodwin, T W ; Leuenberger, F J ; Schocher, A J
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Item Description:Date Completed 22.09.1977
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