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IR spectrophotometric determination of cyclamide, chlorcyclamide, chlorpropamide and butamide 1980
Photometric determination of drug preparations containing a primary aromatic amino group 1980
IR spectroscopy of diphenylacetic acid derivatives 1980
Analysis of the work expenditures of the analytical pharmacies in I- and II-category cost-accounting pharmacies in Perm 1980
Quantitative determination of methionine in powder and coated tablets 1980
Use of a chromatodensitometric method in the quality control of synthetic hormonal preparations 1980
Photometric determination of novocaine in drug forms 1980
Analysis of ex tempore drug forms containing purine derivatives 1980
Basic factors that shape the demand for drugs and their systematic classification 1980
Conditions for growing a tissue suspension culture of Indian datura (Datura innoxia) 1980
Aspects of urinary furagin excretion in rabbits 1980
Titration in neutral salt solutions and their use in pharmaceutical analysis 1980
Properties of the amylolytic enzymes in the drug preparation, orase 1980
Optimization of the extraction process in obtaining a dry extract of the leaves of Aralia mandshurica 1980
Titrimetric determination of sulfanilamide and other drug preparations using cerium (IV) sulfate 1980
III All-Union Congress of Pharmacists 1980
Aerosil stabilization of drug mixtures 1980
Quantitative determination of thiodipin in biological material (liver) 1980
Effect of ascorbic acid on the absorption and acetylation of sulfamonomethoxine in the rat intestine 1980
Experience in planning pharmacy network development in Caucasian Mineral'nye Vody for the 10th Five-Year Plan 1980
60 years of the pharmacy in Uzbekistan 1980
Structure and dimensions of the quarters for ready drug pharmacies 1980
Standardization of the spectrophotometric analysis of sulfanilamide preparations 1980
Gas chromatographic determination of carbophos in the blood 1980
Qualitative detection of adoniside and Strophanthus tincture in drug forms 1980
Alkaloids of the aerial organs of the poppy (Papaver oreophilum Rupr.) 1980
Methods of studying drug substance absorption 1980
Radiation sterilization of monocarboxycellulose-based preparations 1980
Sorbent potential and the preservation of the blood formed elements 1980
Quantitative determination of protargol and collargol 1980
Concern for village workers 1980
Elaboration of the standards for the number of subordinates for the managers of cost-accounting pharmacy departments 1980
Device for the intrapharmacy visual control of solutions for mechanical contaminations 1980
Separation of coumarins from Peucedanum arenarium L 1980
Aspects of the scientific organization of work and the mechanization of the production processes in an interhospital pharmacy 1980
Surface-active and rheological properties of cross-linking agents 1980
Comparative evaluation of photometric, spectrophotometric and polarographic methods of determining celanide 1980
Determination of the demand for pharmaceutical personnel and the planning of their training 1980
Structure and dimensions of the area for the quarters of clinic pharmacies 1980
Absorption of drug substances into the blood 1980
Principles of the efficient distribution of interdistrict offices in the pharmacy administration system 1980
Rheological properties of collagen ointment bases 1980
Drug preparations dimexide 1980
Problems in computing errors in pharmacy 1980
Formation of the pharmacy system in Yaroslavl Province 1980
Quantitative determination of thiourea and thiosemicarbazide derivatives 1980
Position of the standard pharmacy design in a complex with public health and culture and welfare service institutions and trade concerns 1980
Types of the activities of technical pharmacists in the pharmacies of therapeutic and prophylactic institutions 1980
Chamber for drying drug plants with automatic maintenance of a preset operating temperature mode 1980
Implementation of the decree of the party and government--an important task for workers in the pharmaceutical system 1979
Computer processing of information for rational selection of materials for pharmaceutical equipment 1979
Quantitative analysis of dabequin by titration in a nonaqueous medium 1979
Reactions for detecting 2-trifluoromethyl derivatives of phenothiazine 1979
Technology of preparing stable eyedrops of fetanol and its combination with pilocarpine hydrochloride 1979
Dimecoline stability in aqueous solutions 1979
Shelf life of Adonis vernalis preparations under the conditions in the Central Asian republics 1979
Methodological trend in the academic process and scientific work in a pharmacy department 1979
Origin of the state organization of pharmacy in the USSR 1979
Plants used by the peoples of the USSR for the treatment of infected wounds 1979
Information retrieval system for pharmacies and for offices of pharmaceutical information on the efficient utilization of drugs 1979
Measures for increasing the collection and preparation of medicinal plant raw materials in the system of pharmacy administrations of the Union republics 1979
Drug preparations difezil 1979
Effect of an electrohydraulic hammer on the degree of breakup of the structure of crude belladonna leaves and Ulex seeds 1979
Antimicrobial activity of the total alkaloids and preparations of celandine 1979
UV spectrophotometry in the analysis of methacil 1979
AI-3000 infusion apparatus 1979
Gas chromatographic determination of dimexide 1979
Determination of median- and long-acting sulfanilamides by a nitritometric method with internal indicators 1979
Research on pharmacy in the RSFSR 1979
Effect of the temperature factor on strophanthin K activity in aqueous solution 1979
Development studies for a method of determining clinical pharmacy categories 1979
Drug support of the population of Siberia and the Far East 1979
Contribution of the Bontanical Garden of the All-Union Medicinal Plant Research Institute to the study of medicinal plants in the USSR 1979
Higher pharmaceutical education in the Urals 1979
Morphological and anatomical characteristics of the epigeal parts of Hedysarum flavescens Rgl. et Schmalh 1979
Determination of alkyl sulfates in emulsifier No. 1 1979
Spectrophotometric determination of saluzide in ampules 1979
Comparative study of the quality of medical preparations of pepsin 1979
Universal appliance for pressing metal caps 1979
Basic results of research on pharmacy during 1976--1977 and the tasks of pharmaceutical science 1979
Determination of sombrevin in the blood during potentiated anesthesia 1979
Determination of the goods turnover plan intensity based on the intensive factors of pharmacy economic activities 1979
Transfer of hospital pharmacies to the Main Pharmacy Administration of the Ministry of Public Health of the Tadzhik SSR 1979
Optimization of the determination of amedine and metamizole by a differential spectrophotometric method 1979
Possible use of polyamide thin-layer chromatography for the identification of drug substances 1979
Pharmacokinetic study of collagen-based intraocular films and caps of gentamycin sulfate 1979
Selection of drug preparations for a study of their interaction with equipment and packaging materials 1979
Comparative characteristics of the lipid content of lipocerebrin, cerebrolecithin and purified lecithin 1979
Methods for the quantitative determination of guanidine derivative drug substances 1979
Thin layer sorbent chromatography of amitriptyline and nortriptyline 1979
Quantitative ceriometric determination of mebicar 1979
Chromatographic analysis of fluorophenazine and fluorophenazine decanoate 1979
Method of computing the basic parameters for continuous countercurrent extraction in a diffuser battery. The computation of the operating mode of the battery 1979
Complexonometric determination of spasmolytin in drug forms 1979
Obtaining tetrodotoxin and holothurin from Soviet raw materials 1979
Determination of the follicle-stimulating activity in preparations of menopausal gonadotropin 1979
Quantitative determination of thioridazine in cadaveric material 1979
Oleg Koz'mich Koz'minykh 1979
Differential photometric method and the prospects for its use in pharmaceutical analysis 1979
Production and characteristics of streptocide modifications 1979
Alginic acid in pharmacy and medicine 1979
Interaction of etazol with halogen- and nitro-substituted benzoic acids 1979
Use of modified hydrophobic sorbents in controlling drug substances and the semiproducts of their synthesis 1979
Effect of glucose and lactose on the therapeutic activity of toluside 1979
Analytical study of the preparation oxodoline 1979
Dissertations submitted for defense in 1978-1979 1979
Determination of the biological availability of dosage forms of isoniazid and soluble saluzide 1979
Preparation of a concentrate of eicosapentaenoic and docosahexaenoic acid esters as a possible substitute for arachidene and linetol 1979
Just not "drug specialist" 1979
Development of the pharmacy network in the 2d half of the 30's 1979
Determination of the glycosaminoglycan hydrolase complex in the makeup of lidase and ronidase 1979
Identification of drug preparations by the characteristics of their effluent solutions 1979
Formation and morphoanatomical structure of the subterranean organs of the mountain parsley, Peucedanum oreoselinum (L.) Moench 1979
Determination of the demand for drugs used for the prevention and treatment of rheumatism in Pyatigorsk 1979
Biological characteristics of the gromwell (Lithospermum erythrorhizon Sieb. et Zucc.) and its content of shikonin when grown in Moscow Province 1979
Physical and chemical incompatibility of injection solutions. 2 1979
Progress in fulfilling the decision of the Central Committee of the CPS and Soviet of Ministers of the USSR ON "Measures for the Further Improvement of Public Health' 1979
Spectrophotometric determination of spherophysine benzoate and thymol 1979
Filters for sterilizing liquids 1979
Use of highly efficient liquid chromatography in pharmaceutical analysis 1979
Equipment for the work areas in hospital pharmacies in the USA 1979
Comparative evaluation of methods of isolating and purifying hyaluronic acid 1979
Creation of an integral system of scientific pharmaceutical information 1979
Standardized method for the photometric determination of organophosphorus drug agents 1979
Activities of the pharmacy administrations in the prewar period (1936-1940) 1979
Pharmacy in the Russian Federation in 1968-1977 (on the 10th anniversary of the subordination of the pharmacy administrations to the Councils of Ministers of the Autonomous Republics and to the Executive Committees of the Territorial and Provincial Councils of People's Deputies of the RSFSR) 1979
Pharmcokinetics and toxic reactions of ftorafur in experimental and clinical intracarotid administration 1979
Isolation of arachidonic acid by a thin-layer chromatographic method 1979
Bichromatometric determination of ethonium in drug forms 1979
Drug preparations salasopyridazine 1979
Pharmaceutical services to the masters of great harvests 1979
Principal achievements of pharmaceutical science in the area of pharmaceutical service economics and organization 1979
60th anniversary of the Leningrad Chemical-Pharmaceutical Institute 1979
Production of a highly active enzymatic preparation of ronidase 1979
Kinetics study of the dicoline hydrolysis reaction 1979
Chemical stability of flasks made of alkaline glass the liberation of alkalinity under pharmacy conditions 1979
Pyatigorsk Pharmaceutical Institute 1979
Effect of drying on the biological activity and cardenolide composition of golden and Tien Shan adonis 1979
Improvement in the forms of drug supply to pharmacies and therapeutic-preventive institutions by the republic pharmaceutical storehouses of the Komi ASSR 1979
Use of polarography in the analysis of preparations containing cardiac glycosides 1979
Photometric determination of flavonoids using nitrous acid 1979
Systems approach in the analysis of population drug demand 1979
Occupational trend of the course on political economy 1979
Use of certain complex compounds of bioelements in experimental and clinical medicine 1979
Office of pharmaceutical information 1979
Role of scientific societies of pharmacists in further improving drug supplies to the nation's population 1979
Pharmacy, the science and specialty 1979
Extraction of cardiac glycosides with ethylacetate and its mixtures with ethanol 1979
Physicochemical compatibility and stability of a solution containing strophanthin K and korazol 1979
Introduction into public health practice of the results of the research conducted at pharmaceutical colleges of the Russian Federation and the improvement in science planning 1979
Selection of efficient materials for pharmaceutical apparatus 1979
Teaching of pharmacology based on the common methodological system of the I. M. Sechenov 1st Moscow Medical Institute 1979
Spectrophotometric determination of resorcin in eyedrops 1979
Training, utilization and professional improvement of druggists in the Belorussian SSR 1979
History of the Scientific Society of Pharmacists of Latvia 1979
Quantitative photometric determination of codeine, strychnine nitrate and atropine sulfate in pills with a starch-sugar mixture 1979
Soxhlet-type circulating and percolating apparatus for extraction in liquid-solid and liquid-liquid systems 1979
Optical characteristics of 5-nitrothiazoles 1979
Argentometric determination of methyluracil 1979
Tasks of pharmaceutical science in light of the decree of the Central Committee of the CPSU and the Council of Ministers of the USSR of 9/22/77, "Measures for further improvements in public health" 1979
Microcapsules, a new drug form 1979
Names, terms, and titles 1979
Effect of polyvinylpyrrolidone on prolonging the action of novocaine and dicaine 1979
Infrared spectroscopy of tetracycline antibiotic molecules 1979
Spectrophotometric determination of 4-aminoantipyrine in the form of copper halide complexes 1979
Nikolaĭ Stepanovich Dubinin 1979
Characteristics of clinical pharmacy activities 1979
Organization of the work places for assistants in the pharmacies of treatment and prevention institutions (the assistant's room) 1979
Fate of acetylsalicylic acid in the body 1979
Preparation of injection solutions of fluorescein sodium salt 1979
Mechanization of the packaging of drops 1979
Complex evaluation of the effectiveness of the work and material utilization by pharmacy collectives 1979
Spectrophotometric determination of bamethan sulfate 1979
Vasiliĭ Aleksandrovich Kur'erov 1979
New brands of medicinal vaselines 1979
Spectrophotometric and photometric determination of ephedrine hydrochloride 1979
Spectrophotometric determination of bromcamphora 1979
Physical and chemical incompatibilities of injection solutions. 3 1979
Correlation relationship between the cumulative action of certain factors and the destruction of celanide 1979
Effect of the excipient and granulation on the hygroscopicity of a dry extract of celandine 1978
Purification of erythromycin base 1978
Determination of diprophylline pharmacokinetics in blood 1978
Determination of the work efficiency of auxiliary pharmacy workers 1978
Development of creative thinking is the basis for training the modern pharmacist 1978
Metabolism of sulfanilamides in the body 1978
Analysis of the production activities of urban and central district pharmacies in the Belorussian SSR 1978
Chemical composition of the preparation tanacin from the flowers of Tanacetum vulgare L. II 1978
Effect of some factors on the biological activity of celanide, using a mathematic model 1978
Basic trends in the use of vitamin preparations 1978
Problems arising from the destruction of the plastic materials used in pharmacy 1978
Biocompatible polymers as a base for soluble drug films 1978
Gas chromatographic determination of the sodium salts of barbiturates 1978
Professional pharmacists' movement in the Volga region in 1905-1917 (based on data from Simbirsk, Samara and Kazan Guberniyas) 1978
Compounding of pure tablets of isoniazid with prolonged action 1978
Extractive photometric determination of dicolin and dimecolin 1978
Quantitative determination of dichlorophen by titration in a nonaqueous medium 1978
Forms for preparing suppositories 1978
New preparations azathioprine 1978
Determination of heparin activity by a complexometric method 1978
Biopharmaceutical study of corglycon suppositories 1978
Toxicity of butadion and its determination in biological materials 1978
Transition of a pharmacy management to state ownership 1978
Plastic goods for one-time use. The selection criteria. Their utilization for administering drugs and in preparing patient care supplies 1978
Possibility of determining colored solutions by an interferometric method 1978
Study plan for training the clinical pharmacist in the system of higher pharmaceutical education 1978
Problems in developing an automated register of the institutions of the Main Pharmacy Administration system of the Ministry of Public Health of the Ukrainian SSR 1978
Production of highly purified polyunsaturated fatty acids 1978
Production and biopharmaceutic study of butadion microclysters 1978
Styrene migration into lipophilic media 1978
Physical and chemical incompatibilities of injection solutions (1) 1978
Effect of the pH of the medium and of the eluting fluid on the distribution of barbiturates in gel chromatography 1978
Administrative side of the problems of polymer utilization in pharmacy 1978
New methods for planning financial and economic indices of pharmaceutic services 1978
Kinetic mechanism of sorption of some alkaloids on ion-exchange resins 1978
Organization of pharmaceutical services in the GDR 1978
Scientific Organization of Labor 1978
Interaction of norsulfazole with p-, o- and m-nitrobenzoic acids 1978
Storage of the drugs prepared in a pharmacy as internal pharmacy stock (from the work experience of the All-Union Research Institute of Pharmacy experimental pharmacy) 1978
Analysis of fentirin in tablets 1978
Determination of the optimal aerosil admixtures to suppository masses by the conical plastometer methods 1978
60th anniversary of the nationalization of the pharmacies 1978
Raman laser spectroscopy as a research method in pharmacy 1978
Formulation and investigation of fluordopane tablets 1978
Introduction of the token system for purchasing prescription drugs in pharmacies at the Pskov region 1978
Pharmacy in Latvia in the 1st years of Soviet power 1978
Aspects of the terminology in the pharmacy field 1978
Eyedroppers and the comparative evaluation 1978
Teaching of medical merchandising in pharmaceutical institutes 1978
Streptocide release from emulsion ointment bases 1978
Sociological examination of the work organization and conditions of category I-III pharmacy managers 1978
Solubility and porosity of tetracycline tablets 1978
Possibility of sterilizing eyedrops by a bacterial filtration method 1978
Toxicological importance of lithium and the methods for its determination 1978
Work of the department for teacher qualification improvement of intermediate pharmaceutical educational institutions 1978
Amidopyrine identification reactions 1978
Compositions of emulsion ointment bases 1978
Photometric determination of propazine in injection solutions 1978
Effect of Phenothiazine derivatives on the surface charge of 2-layer lipid membranes 1978
New preparations allopurinol 1978
Work of a specialized student team in procuring drug raw materials 1978
Quantitative determination of hydrocortisone acetate and sodium sulfapyridazine in eye ointments 1978
Extraction of phospholipids from tablets 1978
Spectrophotometric method of determining acacetin in the leaves of the thistle, Cirsium setosum (Willd.) 1978
Principles of polymer material selection for drug packaging 1978
Method of computing the parameters of continuous countercurrent extraction in a battery of diffusers the technological constants for plant raw material and the methods of their determination 1978
Determination of the alcohol concentration in tinctures by a spectrophotometric method 1978
Specific nature of prescriptions and the organization of production work in the pharmacies of Moscow and Moscow Province IV- and V-category therapeutic institutions 1978
Classification of interdistrict offices of the pharmacy administrations of the autonomous republics, territories and provinces 1978
Relationship of the tuberculostatic activity of bis-benzylisoquinoline alkaloids to their structure 1978
Spectrophotometric determination of papaverine hydrochloride in suppositories 1978
Use of an ion exchange chromatographic method for the quantitative determination of drug substances in mixtures 1978
Photometric determination of rutin in the presence of riboflavin 1978
Atropine interaction with the erythrocytes 1978
Method of determining in vitro insulin absorption in the rectum 1978
Polarographic determination of aminazine on the rotating platinum electrode 1978
Problem assignments is 1 of the forms of stimulating independent work in the study of drug pharmaceutical technology 1978
Disturbance of the absorption of nutrients from the gastrointestinal tract into the blood under the influence of drugs 1978
Phototurbidimetric titration of morphine hydrochloride and atropine sulfate 1978
The basic characteristics of electronic absorption bands of phenothiazine and its derivatives. II. Derivatives of 10-piperazinyl propyl phenothiazine 1978
Basic trends in the development of pharmaceutical analysis 1978
Decisions of the Party and the government on improving the national public health 1978
Importance of containers and packaging made of plastic material for the pharmaceutical industry 1978
Determination of a rational number of business-accounting pharmacy departments using mathematical methods 1978
Analysis of dimexide for the presence of dimethyl sulfate by a gas-liquid chromatographic method 1978
Organization of chemical reagent and chemical glassware supply in Sverdlovsk Province 1978
Conducting a planned inventory using inventory cards and computer aids 1978
Technological problems of eye drops 1978
Roman Mikhaĭlovich Piniazhko 1978
Aleksandr Nikolaevich Kudrin 1978
Automatized service of pharmacy information by telephone 1978
New raw material sources for aloe preparations 1978
Konstantin Il'ich Sandomisashvili 1978
Isolation of amitripyline from biological objects 1978
Stability of aqueous solutions of celnovocaine 1978
Methods of analyzing heparin preparations 1978
Sulfanilamide absorption from the gastrointestinal tract 1978
Use of enzymes during isolation of corchoroside from inactivated jute seeds 1978
Theoretical bases for calculating the fundamental parameters of continuous countercurrent extraction in a diffuser battery 1978
Selection of materials and of the methods of sterilization 1978
Prediction of the shelf life of riboflavin in eyedrops in polyethylene packaging 1978
Relationship of nonachlazine to oxidants 1978
40th anniversary of the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute 1978
School of communist labor 1978
Photometric determination of dimedrol 1978
Photometric determination of nitrogen-containing drugs based on transformation with nitrite formation 1978
Development of the pharmaceutical service in the Komi ASSR 1978
Specific pharmacy activities of the First Aid Team in areas of mass epidemics and natural disasters 1978
Dissertations defended in 1977--1978 1978
Process of alkaloid desorption from ionites 1978
Use of the method of collective expert evaluations for analyzing nomenclature and studying the demand for drugs 1978
Problems in stabilizing polymer materials for medical purposes 1978
Process of antitumor preparation solubilization 1978
Technology of the tablet coating of coli- and lactobacterin 1978
Methodological principles for setting the purchase prices of drug plant raw materials 1978
Study of plants used by peoples of the USSR in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract 1978
Optimization of the technology and a biopharmaceutic study of mefenamic acid suppositories 1978
Improving the control over planning of psychotropic drug consumption 1978
Interferometric method of determining benzotef and its halogen derivatives 1978
Marine organisms as a source of biologically active substances 1978
New preparations amedin 1978
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