Mechanism of the ultraviolet photodissociation of chloroethylenes determined from the Doppler profiles, spatial anisotropy, and power dependence of the photofragments

Doppler profiles of chlorine and hydrogen atomic fragments produced in the photodissociation of mono- and dichloroethylenes at 193 nm have been measured in a pump-and-probe experiment using 2+1 resonance-enhanced multiphoton ionization. In a second experiment, the angular distributions of the Cl fra...

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Published in:The Journal of Chemical Physics : bridges a gap between journals of physics and journals of chemistry, Vol. 97, No. 7 (1992), p. 4815-4826
Other Involved Persons: Mo, Yuxiang ; Tonokura, Kenichi ; Matsumi, Yutaka ; Kawasaki, Masahiro ; Sato, Tetsuya ; Arikawa, Tatsuo ; Reilly, Peter T. A. ; Xie, Yongjin ; Yang, Yung-an ; Huang, Yibo ; Gordon, Robert J.
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