Momentum distribution of bound state protons derived from quasi-free electron scattering on ^1^2C

Quasi-elastic electron scattering from ^1^2C in the range of four-momentum transfer 5 fm^-^2 q^2 fm^-^2 was measured. The momentum distribution of the bound state protons derived from this experiment shows a large tail of high momenta. Nuclear wave functions including short range nucleon-nucleon c...

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Published in:Nuclear Physics, Section A, Vol. 231, No. 3 (1974), p. 504-508
Other Involved Persons: Kobberling, M. ; Moritz, J. ; Schmidt, K.H. ; Wegener, D. ; Zeller, D. ; Bienlein, J.K. ; Bleckwenn, J. ; Dinter, H. ; Heimlich, F.H.
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