Deuterium-induced ^1^3C NMR isotope shifts for signal assignments and determination of deuteriation site in cyclododecanone

Deuterium-induced ^1^3C isotope shifts were measured in the ^1^3C {^1H} NMR spectra of monodeuteriated cyclododecanones formed upon oxidation of [1-^2H"1] cyclododecanol with lead tetraacetate. These shifts, when used in conjunction with ^1^3C NMR data of specifically labelled analogues, [2, 2,...

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Published in:Tetrahedron, Vol. 38, No. 22 (1982), p. 3325-3328
Other Involved Persons: Jeremic, D. ; Milosavljevic, S. ; Mihailovic, M.L.
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