Vicinal phenyl group shift in the lead tetraacetate and related oxidations of 5,5,5-triphenyl-1-pentanol

In the lead tetraacetate and heavy metal-bromine oxidations of 5,5,5-triphenyl-1-pentanol 1d, the major cyclization product obtained was the rearranged 2,2,3-triphenyltetrahydro-2H-pyran 11d, resulting from homolytic and heterolytic 1,2-phenyl group shift (the latter only in the lead tetraacetate re...

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Published in:Tetrahedron, Vol. 34, No. 16 (1978), p. 2587-2589
Other Involved Persons: Mihailovic, M.L. ; Milosevic, G. ; Milovanovic, A.
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