Synthesis, structure and reactions of seco-steroids containing a medium-sized ring-IX - Reactions of Δ^1^(^1^0^)-unsaturated 5-oxo-5,10-seco-steroids with hydroxylamine and n-methylhydroxylamine

When treated with hydroxylamine or N-methylhydroxylamine, in the presence of proton donor catalysts, trans-Δ^1^(^1^0^)-unsaturated 5-oxo-5,10-seco-steroids, such as 3 (but not the corresponding diastereomeric cis-compounds), are converted stereospecifically and in good yield to isoxazolidine derivat...

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Published in:Tetrahedron, Vol. 29, No. 17 (1973), p. 2683-2692
Other Involved Persons: Mihailovic, M.L. ; Lorenc, L. ; Maksimovic, Z. ; Kalvoda, J.
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