Synthesis and excellent electromagnetic absorption properties of reduced graphene oxide/PANI/BaNd<ce:inf loc="post">0.2</ce:inf>Sm<ce:inf loc="post">0.2</ce:inf>Fe<ce:inf loc="post">11.6</ce:inf>O<ce:inf loc="post">19</ce:inf> nanocomposites

To obtain high efficient and lightweight microwave (MW) absorption material, a novel composite RGO/PANI/BaNd0.2Sm0.2Fe11.6O19 (BNSF) was successfully synthesized. The RGO/PANI composite was synthesized by an in-situ polymerization, the BNSF was obtained via a chemical co-precipitation method and the...

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Published in:Journal of alloys and compounds : JAL : an interdisciplinary journal of materials science and solid-state chemistry and physics, Vol. 779 (2019), p. 270-279
Main Author: Zhang, Kang
Other Involved Persons: Luo, Juhua ; Yu, Ning ; Gu, Mingmin ; Sun, Xinkai
Format: electronic Article
Physical Description:Online-Ressource
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