Defective black Ti<ce:sup loc="post">3+</ce:sup> self-doped TiO<ce:inf loc="post">2</ce:inf> and reduced graphene oxide composite nanoparticles for boosting visible-light driven photocatalytic and photoelectrochemical activity

This work presents a facile method to construct partially reduced TiO2 nanoparticles integrated with reduced graphene oxide nanosheets (RGO/TiO2−x), using an environmentally-friendly one-step hydrothermal technique at comparatively low temperature for efficient photocatalytic degradation without add...

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Published in:Applied surface science : a journal devoted to applied physics and chemistry of surfaces and interfaces, Vol. 467 (2019), p. 45-55
Main Author: Wang, Shanchi
Other Involved Persons: Cai, Jingsheng ; Mao, Jiajun ; Li, Shuhui ; Shen, Jiali ; Gao, Shouwei ; Huang, Jianying ; Wang, Xiaoqin ; Parkin, Ivan P. ; Lai, Yuekun
Format: electronic Article
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