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Title Year of Publication
Simulation using the STICS model of C&N dynamics in alfalfa from sowing to crop destruction Elektronische Ressource 2020
Estimation of the harvest index and the relative water content – Two examples of composite variables in agronomy Elektronische Ressource 2020
Future development of apricot blossom blight under climate change in Southern France Elektronische Ressource 2020
Maize-bean intercropping yields in Northern Germany are comparable to those of pure silage maize Elektronische Ressource 2020
Editorial Board Elektronische Ressource 2020
Re-designing organic grain legume cropping systems using systems agronomy Elektronische Ressource 2020
Effects of strip width on yields in relay-strip intercropping: A simulation study Elektronische Ressource 2020
Response of rice yield and yield components to elevated [CO2]: A synthesis of updated data from FACE experiments Elektronische Ressource 2020
Meadow-ploughing timing as an integrated pest management tactic to prevent soil-pest damage to maize Elektronische Ressource 2020
High-resolution assessment of French grassland dry matter and nitrogen yields Elektronische Ressource 2020
High potential of variable rate fertilization combined with a controlled released nitrogen form at affecting cv. Barbera vines behavior Elektronische Ressource 2020
Rice exposure to cold stress in China: how has its spatial pattern changed under climate change? Elektronische Ressource 2019
Nitrogen management in double-annual cropping system (barley-maize) under irrigated Mediterranean environments Elektronische Ressource 2019
Editorial Board Elektronische Ressource 2019
Energy efficiency of winter wheat in a long-term tillage experiment under Pannonian climate conditions Elektronische Ressource 2019
Does the use of cowpea in rotation with a vegetable crop improve soil quality and crop yield and quality? A field study in SE Spain Elektronische Ressource 2019
Editorial Board Elektronische Ressource 2019
The impact of climate change on barley yield in the Mediterranean basin Elektronische Ressource 2019
Soybean-maize succession in Brazil: Impacts of sowing dates on climate variability, yields and economic profitability Elektronische Ressource 2019
Examining the yield potential of barley near-isogenic lines using a genotype by environment by management analysis Elektronische Ressource 2019
Low-cost assessment of grain yield in durum wheat using RGB images Elektronische Ressource 2019
Improving productivity and increasing the efficiency of soil nutrient management on grassland farms in the UK and Ireland using precision agriculture technology Elektronische Ressource 2019
Foliar N application at anthesis alters grain protein composition and enhances baking quality in winter wheat only under a low N fertiliser regimen Elektronische Ressource 2019
Double-cropping systems based on rye, maize and sorghum: Impact of variety and harvesting time on biomass and biogas yield Elektronische Ressource 2019
Publisher's Note Elektronische Ressource 2019
Bread and durum wheat: Intra- and inter-specific variation in grain yield and protein concentration of modern Italian cultivars Elektronische Ressource 2019
Combine observational data and modelling to quantify cultivar differences of soybean Elektronische Ressource 2019
Super-resolution enhancement of Sentinel-2 image for retrieving LAI and chlorophyll content of summer corn Elektronische Ressource 2019
The critical period for yield determination in common buckwheat (<ce:italic>Fagopyrum esculentum</ce:italic> Moench) Elektronische Ressource 2019
Adapting irrigated and rainfed wheat to climate change in semi-arid environments: Management, breeding options and land use change Elektronische Ressource 2019
Wheat grown under elevated CO<ce:inf loc="post">2</ce:inf> was more responsive to nitrogen fertilizer in Eastern India Elektronische Ressource 2019
Learning from the soil’s memory: Tailoring of fertilizer application based on past manure applications increases fertilizer use efficiency and crop productivity on Kenyan smallholder farms Elektronische Ressource 2019
Modelling biological N fixation and grass-legume dynamics with process-based biogeochemical models of varying complexity Elektronische Ressource 2019
Maize yield estimation in West Africa from crop process-induced combinations of multi-domain remote sensing indices Elektronische Ressource 2019
Prognosis and diagnosis of sulfur status in maize by plant analysis Elektronische Ressource 2019
Value of seasonal forecasting for sugarcane farm irrigation planning Elektronische Ressource 2019
Editorial Board Elektronische Ressource 2019
Yield components of lucerne were affected by sowing dates and inoculation treatments Elektronische Ressource 2019
Exploiting genotype x environment x management interactions to enhance maize productivity in Ethiopia Elektronische Ressource 2019
Erect–leaf posture promotes lodging resistance in oat plants under high plant population Elektronische Ressource 2019
Residual effect of synthetic nitrogen fertilizers and impact on Soil Nitrifiers Elektronische Ressource 2019
Assessment of Piatã palisadegrass forage mass in integrated livestock production systems using a proximal canopy reflectance sensor Elektronische Ressource 2019
Wheat drought-tolerance to enhance food security in Tunisia, birthplace of the Arab Spring Elektronische Ressource 2019
Banana leaf pruning to facilitate annual legume intercropping as an intensification strategy in the East African highlands Elektronische Ressource 2019
Exploring the differences between organic and conventional breeding in early vigour traits of winter wheat Elektronische Ressource 2019
Structural memory in grapevines: Early season water availability affects late season drought stress severity Elektronische Ressource 2019
Yield potential and nitrogen dynamics of no-till silage maize (<ce:italic>Zea mays</ce:italic> L.) under maritime climate conditions Elektronische Ressource 2019
Editorial Board Elektronische Ressource 2019
Grain quality in wheat—Impact of disease management Elektronische Ressource 2019
Comparison of milk thistle (<ce:italic>Silybum marianum</ce:italic>) and cardoon (<ce:italic>Cynara cardunculus</ce:italic>) productivity for energy biomass under weedy and weed-free conditions Elektronische Ressource 2019
Effects of renewal time, taproot cutting, ploughing practice, false seedbed and companion crop on docks (<ce:italic>Rumex</ce:italic> spp.) when renewing grassland Elektronische Ressource 2019
Estimating above ground biomass of winter wheat at early growth stages using digital images and deep convolutional neural network Elektronische Ressource 2019
Frost damage on grain number in wheat at different spike developmental stages and its modelling Elektronische Ressource 2019
The impact of fungicide treatment and Integrated Pest Management on barley yields: Analysis of a long term field trials database Elektronische Ressource 2019
Long-term effects of irrigation regime on fruit development pattern of the late-maturing ‘Angeleno’ Japanese plum Elektronische Ressource 2019
Using preceding crop effects for climate smart sugar beet (<ce:italic>Beta vulgaris</ce:italic> L.) cultivation Elektronische Ressource 2019
Responses of <ce:italic>indica</ce:italic> rice yield and quality to extreme high and low temperatures during the reproductive period Elektronische Ressource 2019
Increasing co-limitation of water and nitrogen drives genetic yield gain in Australian wheat Elektronische Ressource 2019
Unravelling the relationship between adaptation pattern and yield formation strategies in Mediterranean durum wheat landraces Elektronische Ressource 2019
On-farm diagnosis for greenhouse tomato in south Uruguay: Explaining yield variability and ranking of determining factors Elektronische Ressource 2019
Editorial Board Elektronische Ressource 2019
Calibration and evaluation of the <ce:italic>STICS</ce:italic> soil-crop model for faba bean to explain variability in yield and N<ce:inf loc="post">2</ce:inf> fixation Elektronische Ressource 2019
Delayed sowing increases grain number by enhancing spike competition capacity for assimilates in winter wheat Elektronische Ressource 2019
Deep learning for image-based weed detection in turfgrass Elektronische Ressource 2019
Effects of input data aggregation on simulated crop yields in temperate and Mediterranean climates Elektronische Ressource 2019
A simple model simulating development and growth of an olive grove Elektronische Ressource 2019
Is it feasible to reduce tillage and N use while improving maize yield in irrigated Mediterranean agroecosystems? Elektronische Ressource 2019
Effects of water and rice straw management practices on water savings and greenhouse gas emissions from a double-rice paddy field in the Central Plain of Thailand Elektronische Ressource 2019
Mineral NPK and manure fertilisation affecting the yield stability of winter wheat: Results from a long-term field experiment Elektronische Ressource 2019
Can reproducible comparisons of cereal genotypes be generated in field experiments based on UAV imagery using RGB cameras? Elektronische Ressource 2019
Yield loss of oilseed rape (<ce:italic>Brassica napus</ce:italic> L.) under nitrogen deficiency is associated with under-regulation of plant population density Elektronische Ressource 2019
Integration and potential nitrogen contributions of green manure inter-row legumes in coppiced tree cropping systems Elektronische Ressource 2019
Effective population size (<ce:italic>N<ce:inf loc="post">e</ce:inf> </ce:italic>) of organically and conventionally grown composite cross winter wheat populations depending on generation Elektronische Ressource 2019
Impact of grapevine age on water status and productivity of <ce:italic>Vitis vinifera</ce:italic> L. cv. Riesling Elektronische Ressource 2019
Downscaling rice yield simulation at sub-field scale using remotely sensed LAI data Elektronische Ressource 2019
Identifying the most promising agronomic adaptation strategies for the tomato growing systems in Southern Italy <ce:italic>via</ce:italic> simulation modeling Elektronische Ressource 2019
Grain yield responsiveness to water supply in near-isogenic reduced-tillering wheat lines – An engineered crop trait near its upper limit Elektronische Ressource 2019
The role of the exponential and linear phases of maize (<ce:italic>Zea mays</ce:italic> L.) ear growth for determination of kernel number and kernel weight Elektronische Ressource 2019
A SIMPLE crop model Elektronische Ressource 2019
A land-based approach for the environmental assessment of Mediterranean annual and perennial energy crops Elektronische Ressource 2019
Editorial Board Elektronische Ressource 2019
Root growth and soil carbon turnover in <ce:italic>Opuntia ficus-indica</ce:italic> as affected by soil volume availability Elektronische Ressource 2019
New approach to determining the surface temperature without thermal band of satellites Elektronische Ressource 2019
Mixing it up – wheat cultivar mixtures can increase yield and buffer the risk of flowering too early or too late Elektronische Ressource 2019
Editorial Board Elektronische Ressource 2019
Editorial Board Elektronische Ressource 2019
Soil and foliar nitrogen and boron fertilization of almond trees grown under rainfed conditions Elektronische Ressource 2019
Editorial Board Elektronische Ressource 2019
Soil compaction effects on grassland silage yields and soil structure under different levels of compaction over three years Elektronische Ressource 2019
Weather forecasts to enhance an Irish grass growth model Elektronische Ressource 2019
Modeling the effects of tropospheric ozone on wheat growth and yield Elektronische Ressource 2019
Evaluation of regional estimates of winter wheat yield by assimilating three remotely sensed reflectance datasets into the coupled WOFOST–PROSAIL model Elektronische Ressource 2019
Phenotypic plasticity of grain and hay quality in varieties and advanced lines from the Australian oat breeding program Elektronische Ressource 2019
Evaluating the potential of winter beet in northern Germany by a simulation model Elektronische Ressource 2019
Modeling wheat nutritional quality with a modified CERES-wheat model Elektronische Ressource 2019
Potential of indicators to unveil the hidden side of cropping system classification: Differences and similarities in cropping practices between conventional, no-till and organic systems Elektronische Ressource 2019
Benchmarking break-crops with wheat reveals higher risk may limit on farm adoption Elektronische Ressource 2019
Lentil enhances the productivity and stability of oilseed-cereal cropping systems across different environments Elektronische Ressource 2019
Optimizing relative seed frequency of intercropped pea and spring barley Elektronische Ressource 2019
Development of a nitrogen recommendation tool for corn considering static and dynamic variables Elektronische Ressource 2019
Development of a rice tungro epidemiological model for seasonal disease risk management in the Philippines Elektronische Ressource 2019
Nonlinear growth models: An alternative to ANOVA in tomato trials evaluation Elektronische Ressource 2019
Yield responses of arable crops to liming – An evaluation of relationships between yields and soil pH from a long-term liming experiment Elektronische Ressource 2019
An eight-year survey of wheat shows distinctive effects of cropping factors on different <ce:italic>Fusarium</ce:italic> species and associated mycotoxins Elektronische Ressource 2019
Impact of farming systems on agricultural landscapes and biodiversity: From plot to farm and landscape scales Elektronische Ressource 2019
Nature abhors a vacuum: Deciphering the vegetative reaction of the mango tree to pruning Elektronische Ressource 2019
Editorial Board Elektronische Ressource 2019
Wheat grain number and yield: The relative importance of physiological traits and source-sink balance in southern Australia Elektronische Ressource 2019
Above- and belowground dry matter partitioning of four warm-season annual crops sown on different dates in a semiarid region Elektronische Ressource 2019
Transpiration from canopy temperature: Implications for the assessment of crop yield in almond orchards Elektronische Ressource 2019
How can forage production in Nordic and Mediterranean Europe adapt to the challenges and opportunities arising from climate change? Elektronische Ressource 2018
Can potato add to China's food self-sufficiency? The scope for increasing potato production in China Elektronische Ressource 2018
Comparison of dry seeded and puddled transplanted rainy season rice on the High Ganges River Floodplain of Bangladesh Elektronische Ressource 2018
Exploring the potential of hop as a dual purpose crop in the Mediterranean environment: shoot and cone yield from nine commercial cultivars Elektronische Ressource 2018
Vulnerability to climatic and economic variability is mainly driven by farmers’ practices on French organic dairy farms Elektronische Ressource 2018
Component crop physiology and water use efficiency in response to intercropping Elektronische Ressource 2018
Towards improved calibration of crop models – Where are we now and where should we go? Elektronische Ressource 2018
Editorial Board Elektronische Ressource 2018
Spatial and temporal plant-to-plant variability effects on soybean yield Elektronische Ressource 2018
Physiological differences between sugar beet varieties susceptible, tolerant or resistant to the beet cyst nematode, <ce:italic>Heterodera schachtii</ce:italic> (Schmidt) under uninfested conditions Elektronische Ressource 2018
Evaluation of three modelling approaches for almond blooming in Mediterranean climate conditions Elektronische Ressource 2018
Precision agriculture based on crop physiological principles improves whole-farm yield and profit: A case study Elektronische Ressource 2018
The effect of seeding rate on radiation interception, grain yield and grain quality of autumn sown oats Elektronische Ressource 2018
Soil carbon varies between different organic and conventional management schemes in arable agriculture Elektronische Ressource 2018
Complete vineyard floor cover crop to reduce grapevine susceptibility to bunch rot Elektronische Ressource 2018
Modelling varietal differences in response to phosphorus in West African sorghum Elektronische Ressource 2018
The effects of maize (Zea mays L.) hybrid and harvest date on above- and belowground biomass dynamics, forage yield and quality – A trade-off for carbon inputs? Elektronische Ressource 2018
Energy and economic efficiency in grazing dairy systems under alternative intensification strategies Elektronische Ressource 2018
Sugar beet development under dynamic shade environments in temperate conditions Elektronische Ressource 2018
Development of the Moorepark St Gilles grass growth model (MoSt GG model): A predictive model for grass growth for pasture based systems Elektronische Ressource 2018
Quantifying nutrient deposition and yield levels of maize (<ce:italic>Zea mays</ce:italic>) under <ce:italic>Faidherbia albida</ce:italic> agroforestry system in Zambia Elektronische Ressource 2018
Physiological determinants of fertile floret survival in wheat as affected by earliness <ce:italic>per se</ce:italic> genes under field conditions Elektronische Ressource 2018
Wheat performance with subclover living mulch in different agro-environmental conditions depends on crop management Elektronische Ressource 2018
Detecting global trends of cereal yield stability by adjusting the coefficient of variation Elektronische Ressource 2018
Sowing date and maize grain quality for dry milling Elektronische Ressource 2018
Refining the Canegro model for improved simulation of climate change impacts on sugarcane Elektronische Ressource 2018
Patterns for improved storability of sugar beet – importance of marc content and damage susceptibility of varieties in different environments Elektronische Ressource 2018
Impacts of break crops and crop rotations on oilseed rape productivity: A review Elektronische Ressource 2018
Geostatistical disaggregation of polygon maps of average crop yields by area-to-point kriging Elektronische Ressource 2018
Legumes used as cover crops to reduce fertilisation problems improving soil nitrate in an organic orchard Elektronische Ressource 2018
Identification of light availability in different sweet cherry orchards under cover by using non-destructive measurements with a Dualex™ Elektronische Ressource 2018
Responses of yield, CH<ce:inf loc="post">4</ce:inf> and N<ce:inf loc="post">2</ce:inf>O emissions to elevated atmospheric temperature and CO<ce:inf loc="post">2</ce:inf> concentration in a double rice cropping system Elektronische Ressource 2018
Elevated CO<ce:inf loc="post">2</ce:inf> cannot compensate for japonica grain yield losses under increasing air temperature because of the decrease in spikelet density Elektronische Ressource 2018
Crop-weed interactions in saline environments Elektronische Ressource 2018
Identification of high-yield and high-Zn wheat cultivars for overcoming “yield dilution” in dryland cultivation Elektronische Ressource 2018
Understanding factors associated with the grazing efficiency of perennial ryegrass varieties Elektronische Ressource 2018
Modelling the nitrogen dynamics of maize crops – Enhancing the APSIM maize model Elektronische Ressource 2018
A solution for sampling position errors in maize and soybean root mass and length estimates Elektronische Ressource 2018
Impact of nutrient supply on the expression of genetic improvements of cereals and row crops – A case study using data from a long-term fertilization experiment in Germany Elektronische Ressource 2018
Editorial Board Elektronische Ressource 2018
Agronomic and environmental causes of yield and nitrogen use efficiency gaps in Chinese rice farming systems Elektronische Ressource 2018
Crop management adaptations to improve and stabilize crop yields under low-yielding conditions in the Sudan Savanna of West Africa Elektronische Ressource 2018
Occurrence of Fusarium species and mycotoxins in Swiss oats—Impact of cropping factors Elektronische Ressource 2018
Radiation use efficiency and biomass partitioning to storage roots in fodder beet crops Elektronische Ressource 2018
Analysis of coffee (Coffea arabica L.) performance in relation to radiation levels and rates of nitrogen supply I. Vegetative growth, production and distribution of biomass and radiation use efficiency Elektronische Ressource 2018
Editorial Board Elektronische Ressource 2018
Benefits and limitations to straw- and plastic-film mulch on maize yield and water use efficiency: A meta-analysis across hydrothermal gradients Elektronische Ressource 2018
Analysis and modeling of cover crop emergence: Accuracy of a static model and the dynamic STICS soil-crop model Elektronische Ressource 2018
Uncertainty in wheat phenology simulation induced by cultivar parameterization under climate warming Elektronische Ressource 2018
Feeding the world while reducing farmer poverty? Analysis of rice relative yield and labour productivity gaps in two Beninese villages Elektronische Ressource 2018
Leveraging biological insight and environmental variation to improve phenotypic prediction: Integrating crop growth models (CGM) with whole genome prediction (WGP) Elektronische Ressource 2018
Remotely assessing photosynthetic nitrogen use efficiency with <ce:italic>in situ</ce:italic> hyperspectral remote sensing in winter wheat Elektronische Ressource 2018
Field performance of micropropagated and mycorrhizal early globe artichoke plants Elektronische Ressource 2018
Production efficiency, costs and environmental impacts of conventional and dynamic forage systems for dairy farms in Italy Elektronische Ressource 2018
Yield performance of Russian dandelion transplants (<ce:italic>Taraxacum koksaghyz</ce:italic> L. Rodin) in flat bed and ridge cultivation with different planting densities Elektronische Ressource 2018
Editorial Board Elektronische Ressource 2018
Trade-off between grain weight and grain number in wheat depends on GxE interaction: A case study of an elite CIMMYT panel (CIMCOG) Elektronische Ressource 2018
Inside Front Cover - Editorial Board Page Elektronische Ressource 2018
Yield differences get large with ascendant altitude between traditional paddy and water-saving ground cover rice production system Elektronische Ressource 2018
Effects of foliar fertilization of a biostimulant obtained from chicken feathers on maize yield Elektronische Ressource 2018
Editorial Board Elektronische Ressource 2018
Fertilisation strategy and ground sensor measurements to optimise rice yield Elektronische Ressource 2018
Ligneous-cellulosic, nitrophilous and wetland plants for biomass production and watertable protection against nutrient leaching Elektronische Ressource 2018
Genetic gains in NSW wheat cultivars from 1901 to 2014 as revealed from synchronous flowering during the optimum period Elektronische Ressource 2018
Delayed and reduced nitrogen fertilization strategies decrease nitrogen losses while still achieving high yields and high grain quality in malting barley Elektronische Ressource 2018
Prospect for increasing grain legume crop production in East Africa Elektronische Ressource 2018
Modeling sensitivity of grain yield to elevated temperature in the DSSAT crop models for peanut, soybean, dry bean, chickpea, sorghum, and millet Elektronische Ressource 2018
Ozone effects on crops and consideration in crop models Elektronische Ressource 2018
A model library to simulate grapevine growth and development: software implementation, sensitivity analysis and field level application Elektronische Ressource 2018
Long-term phosphorus fertilization of wheat, soybean and maize on Mollisols: Soil test trends, critical levels and balances Elektronische Ressource 2018
Environmental and management variables explain soybean yield gap variability in Central Argentina Elektronische Ressource 2018
Yield and crop growth of table potato affected by different split-N fertigation regimes in sandy soil Elektronische Ressource 2018
Trajectories of cocoa agroforests and their drivers over time: Lessons from the Cameroonian experience Elektronische Ressource 2018
Inter-row hoeing for weed control in organic spring cereals—Influence of inter-row spacing and nitrogen rate Elektronische Ressource 2018
Trait identification of faba bean ideotypes for Northern European environments Elektronische Ressource 2018
Relationship of nitrogen and crop performance in aerobic rice and continuous flooding irrigation in weathered tropical lowland Elektronische Ressource 2018
Bringing genetics and biochemistry to crop modelling, and vice versa Elektronische Ressource 2018
A review of data assimilation of remote sensing and crop models Elektronische Ressource 2018
Perennial biomass crop establishment, community characteristics, and productivity in the upper US Midwest: Effects of cropping systems seed mixtures and biochar applications Elektronische Ressource 2018
Organic amendment effectively recovers soil functionality in degraded vineyards Elektronische Ressource 2018
Editorial Board Elektronische Ressource 2018
Does remote and proximal optical sensing successfully estimate maize variables? A review Elektronische Ressource 2018
Gas exchange-yield relationships of malting barley genotypes treated with fungicides and biostimulants Elektronische Ressource 2018
Editorial Board Elektronische Ressource 2018
Adapting cover crop soil coverage to soil depth to limit competition for water in a Mediterranean vineyard Elektronische Ressource 2018
SuMoToRI model simulations for optimizing sulphur fertilization in oilseed rape in the context of increased spring temperatures Elektronische Ressource 2018
Modeling the joint influence of multiple synoptic-scale, climate mode indices on Australian wheat yield using a vine copula-based approach Elektronische Ressource 2018
Cereal yield gaps across Europe Elektronische Ressource 2018
Patterns of pre-crop glyphosate use and in-crop selective herbicide intensities in Northern Germany Elektronische Ressource 2018
Forage production in rotational systems generates similar yields compared to maize monocultures but improves soil carbon stocks Elektronische Ressource 2018
Optimizing planting date and supplemental irrigation for potato across the agro-pastoral ecotone in North China Elektronische Ressource 2018
Modelling crops and cropping systems—Evolving purpose, practice and prospects Elektronische Ressource 2018
Analysis of coffee (Coffea arabica L.) performance in relation to radiation level and rate of nitrogen supply II. Uptake and distribution of nitrogen, leaf photosynthesis and first bean yields Elektronische Ressource 2018
Source-sink manipulations indicate seed yield in canola is limited by source availability Elektronische Ressource 2018
<ce:italic>Azotobacter</ce:italic>-enriched organic manures to increase nitrogen fixation and crop productivity Elektronische Ressource 2018
Erratum to “Modelling fertiliser significance in three major crops” [Eur. J. Agron. 90 (2017) 1–11] Elektronische Ressource 2018
Predicting genotypic differences in irrigated sugarcane yield using the Canegro model and independent trait parameter estimates Elektronische Ressource 2018
Data requirements for crop modelling—Applying the learning curve approach to the simulation of winter wheat flowering time under climate change Elektronische Ressource 2018
Modelling forage yield and water productivity of continuous crop sequences in the Argentinian Pampas Elektronische Ressource 2018
Decreased wheat grain yield stimulation by free air CO<ce:inf loc="post">2</ce:inf> enrichment under N deficiency is strongly related to decreased radiation use efficiency enhancement Elektronische Ressource 2018
Agroforestry enables high efficiency of light capture, photosynthesis and dry matter production in a semi-arid climate Elektronische Ressource 2018
A review of tef physiology for developing a tef crop model Elektronische Ressource 2018
Seed priming of Zn with endophytic bacteria improves the productivity and grain biofortification of bread wheat Elektronische Ressource 2018
Modeling salinity effect on rice growth and grain yield with ORYZA v3 and APSIM-Oryza Elektronische Ressource 2018
Recent advances in crop modelling to support sustainable agricultural production and food security under global change Elektronische Ressource 2018
Identifying precipitation uncertainty in crop modelling using Bayesian total error analysis Elektronische Ressource 2018
Climate change impacts on agro-climatic indices derived from downscaled weather generator scenarios for eastern Denmark Elektronische Ressource 2018
Growing camelina as a second crop in France: A participatory design approach to produce actionable knowledge Elektronische Ressource 2018
Recycling of P and K in circular horticulture through compost application in sustainable growing media for fertigated strawberry cultivation Elektronische Ressource 2018
Are olive root systems optimal for deficit irrigation? Elektronische Ressource 2018
Canopy development and grain yield of dryland wheat is modified by strategic nitrogen supply and stubble management Elektronische Ressource 2018
Uncertainty-based auto-calibration for crop yield – the EPIC<ce:sup loc="post">+</ce:sup> procedure for a case study in Sub-Saharan Africa Elektronische Ressource 2018
Random effects models, BLUPs and redundancy analyses for grain legume crops in semi-arid environments Elektronische Ressource 2018
After-effects of long-term tillage and residue management on topsoil state in Boreal conditions Elektronische Ressource 2018
Estimation of plant height using a high throughput phenotyping platform based on unmanned aerial vehicle and self-calibration: Example for sorghum breeding Elektronische Ressource 2018
Effects of N sources and management strategies on crop growth, yield and potential N leaching in processing tomato Elektronische Ressource 2018
Global warming potential of a Mediterranean irrigated forage system: Implications for designing the fertilization strategy Elektronische Ressource 2018
Sensitivity of silage-maize to climate change in Denmark: A productivity analysis using impact response surface Elektronische Ressource 2018
Editorial Board Elektronische Ressource 2018
Climate change impact on global potato production Elektronische Ressource 2018
Concepts, approaches, and avenues for modelling crop health and crop losses Elektronische Ressource 2018
Predicting water and nitrogen requirements for maize under semi-arid conditions using the CSM-CERES-Maize model Elektronische Ressource 2018
Hydrothermal-time-to-event models for seed germination Elektronische Ressource 2018
Constraints on maize yield and yield stability in the main cropping regions in China Elektronische Ressource 2018
Effects of no-till on root architecture and root-soil interactions in a three-year crop rotation Elektronische Ressource 2018
Analyzing ecosystem services in apple orchards using the STICS model Elektronische Ressource 2018
Simulating plant water stress dynamics in a wide range of bi-specific agrosystems in a region using the BISWAT model Elektronische Ressource 2018
Earliness <ce:italic>per se</ce:italic> effects on developmental traits in hexaploid wheat grown under field conditions Elektronische Ressource 2018
Editorial Board Elektronische Ressource 2018
Analysis of sink/source relations in bread wheat recombinant inbred lines and commercial cultivars under a high yield potential environment Elektronische Ressource 2018
Simulated adaptation strategies for spring wheat to climate change in a northern high latitude environment by DAYCENT model Elektronische Ressource 2018
Improving regional winter wheat yield estimation through assimilation of phenology and leaf area index from remote sensing data Elektronische Ressource 2018
Plant density in red clover (<ce:italic>Trifolium pratense</ce:italic> L.) pastures as an early predictor of forage production Elektronische Ressource 2018
Simulating rice and maize yield potential in the humid tropical environment of Indonesia Elektronische Ressource 2018
Winter and spring night-warming improve root extension and soil nitrogen supply to increase nitrogen uptake and utilization of winter wheat (<ce:italic>Triticum aestivum</ce:italic> L.) Elektronische Ressource 2018
How accurately do maize crop models simulate the interactions of atmospheric CO<ce:inf loc="post">2</ce:inf> concentration levels with limited water supply on water use and yield? Elektronische Ressource 2018
Spatio-temporal distribution of sugarcane potential yields and yield gaps in Southern China Elektronische Ressource 2018
Identifying crop rotation practice by the typification of crop sequence patterns for arable farming systems – A case study from Central Europe Elektronische Ressource 2018
GLORIFY: A new forecasting system for rice grain quality in Northern Italy Elektronische Ressource 2018
Future climate change projects positive impacts on sugarcane productivity in southern China Elektronische Ressource 2018
Key variables for simulating leaf area and N status: Biomass based relations versus phenology driven approaches Elektronische Ressource 2018
Primary productivity and physiological responses of <ce:italic>Vitis vinifera</ce:italic> L. cvs. under Free Air Carbon dioxide Enrichment (FACE) Elektronische Ressource 2018
Reduced herbicide use does not increase crop yield loss if it is compensated by alternative preventive and curative measures Elektronische Ressource 2018
Exploring new spectral bands and vegetation indices for estimating nitrogen nutrition index of summer maize Elektronische Ressource 2018
Indices of forage nutritional yield and water use efficiency amongst spring-sown annual forage crops in north-west China Elektronische Ressource 2018
Crop model improvement in APSIM: Using wheat as a case study Elektronische Ressource 2018
A dynamic model with QTL covariables for predicting flowering time of common bean (<ce:italic>Phaseolus vulgaris</ce:italic>) genotypes Elektronische Ressource 2018
Development and validation of IPM strategies for the cultivation of cisgenically modified late blight resistant potato Elektronische Ressource 2018
Crucifer glucosinolate production in legume-crucifer cover crop mixtures Elektronische Ressource 2018
Impact of extreme weather events on coconut productivity in three climatic zones of Sri Lanka Elektronische Ressource 2018
Linking process-based potato models with light reflectance data: Does model complexity enhance yield prediction accuracy? Elektronische Ressource 2017
Dynamics of oil and tocopherol accumulation in sunflower grains and its impact on final oil quality Elektronische Ressource 2017
Soil nitrogen availability indices as predictors of sugarcane nitrogen requirements Elektronische Ressource 2017
Implications of climate model biases and downscaling on crop model simulated climate change impacts Elektronische Ressource 2017
Agronomic effects of bovine manure: A review of long-term European field experiments Elektronische Ressource 2017
Effects of integrated agronomic practices management on root growth and development of summer maize Elektronische Ressource 2017
Accounting for both parameter and model structure uncertainty in crop model predictions of phenology: A case study on rice Elektronische Ressource 2017
Separating the confounding effects of farming practices on weeds and winter wheat production using path modelling Elektronische Ressource 2017
Sowing date and N application effects on tap root and above-ground dry matter of winter oilseed rape in autumn Elektronische Ressource 2017
Inside Front Cover - Editorial Board Page/Cover image legend if applicable Elektronische Ressource 2017
Changes of starch composition by postflowering environmental conditions in kernels of maize hybrids with different endosperm hardness Elektronische Ressource 2017
Intercropping wheat and maize increases total radiation interception and wheat RUE but lowers maize RUE Elektronische Ressource 2017
Improved evaluation of field experiments by accounting for inherent soil variability Elektronische Ressource 2017
Long-term application of manures plus chemical fertilizers sustained high rice yield and improved soil chemical and bacterial properties Elektronische Ressource 2017
Crop rotation effects on yield, technological quality and yield stability of sugar beet after 45 trial years Elektronische Ressource 2017
Farming systems analysis and design for sustainable intensification: New methods and assessments Elektronische Ressource 2017
Plasticity of seed weight compensates reductions in seed number of oilseed rape in response to shading at flowering Elektronische Ressource 2017
Tree-crop interactions in maize-eucalypt woodlot systems in southern Rwanda Elektronische Ressource 2017
A new method for analyzing agricultural land-use efficiency, and its application in organic and conventional farming systems in southern Germany Elektronische Ressource 2017
Inside Front Cover - Editorial Board Page/Cover image legend if applicable Elektronische Ressource 2017
PhenoGlad: A model for simulating development in Gladiolus Elektronische Ressource 2017
Effects of changing farm management and farm structure on energy balance and energy-use efficiency—A case study of organic and conventional farming systems in southern Germany Elektronische Ressource 2017
Does the recoupling of dairy and crop production via cooperation between farms generate environmental benefits? A case-study approach in Europe Elektronische Ressource 2017
Growth and yield formation of sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.) under strip tillage compared to full width tillage on silt loam soil in Central Europe Elektronische Ressource 2017
Crop yields under no-till farming in China: A meta-analysis Elektronische Ressource 2017
Productivity of organic and conventional arable cropping systems in long-term experiments in Denmark Elektronische Ressource 2017
A spatially explicit crop planting initiation and progression model for the conterminous United States Elektronische Ressource 2017
Plant growth regulator and its interactions with environment and genotype affect maize optimal plant density and yield Elektronische Ressource 2017
Long-term P and K fertilisation strategies and balances affect soil availability indices, crop yield depression risk and N use Elektronische Ressource 2017
Can conservation tillage mitigate climate change impacts in Mediterranean cereal systems? A soil organic carbon assessment using long term experiments Elektronische Ressource 2017
Modelling wheat yield change under CO2 increase, heat and water stress in relation to plant available water capacity in eastern Australia Elektronische Ressource 2017
Impact of spatio-temporal shade dynamics on wheat growth and yield, perspectives for temperate agroforestry Elektronische Ressource 2017
Spatial distribution of soil water, soil temperature, and plant roots in a drip-irrigated intercropping field with plastic mulch Elektronische Ressource 2017
Spatial and temporal uncertainty of crop yield aggregations Elektronische Ressource 2017
Evaluation of long-term conservation agriculture and crop intensification in rice-wheat rotation of Indo-Gangetic Plains of South Asia: Carbon dynamics and productivity Elektronische Ressource 2017
Innovative cropping systems to reduce N inputs and maintain wheat yields by inserting grain legumes and cover crops in southwestern France Elektronische Ressource 2017
Yield formation of Central-European winter wheat cultivars on a large scale perspective Elektronische Ressource 2017
The impact of variation in grain number and individual grain weight on winter wheat yield in the high yield potential environment of Ireland Elektronische Ressource 2017
Land use intensification in the Rolling Pampa, Argentina: Diversifying crop sequences to increase yields and resource use Elektronische Ressource 2017
Improving cereal yield forecasts in Europe – The impact of weather extremes Elektronische Ressource 2017
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