Cationic dirhodium carboxylate-catalyzed synthesis of dihydropyrimidones from propargyl ureas

Cationic Rh(II) complexes are able to catalyze the regioselective hydroamination of propargyl ureas in a 6-endo fashion. This transformation permits access to interesting substitution patterns of dihydropyrimidines, which have found use as nucleotide exchange factor inhibitors.

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Published in:Tetrahedron : the international journal for the rapid publication of full original research papers and critical reviews in organic chemistry, Vol. 69, No. 27 (2013), p. 5744-5750
Main Author: Yang, Miao
Other Involved Persons: Odelberg, Shannon J. ; Tong, Zongzhong ; Li, Dean Y. ; Looper, Ryan E.
Format: electronic Article
Physical Description:Online-Ressource
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