6th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EUCAP), 2012 : 26 - 30 March 2012, Prague

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Other Involved Persons: České Vysoké Učení Technické (Other) ; European Association on Antennas and Propagation (Other)
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Published: Piscataway, NJ : IEEE 2012
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A wideband 60 GHz differential stripline-to-waveguide transition for antenna measurements in low-temperature co-fired ceramics technology Frank Wollenschläger; Robert Müller; Ralf Stephan; Alexis Paolo Garcia Ariza; Alexander Schulz; Reiner S. Thomä; Jens Müller and Matthias A. Hein 2012
Aspects of antenna array configuration for UWB breast imaging M. Helbig; M. Kmec; J. Sachs; C. Geyer; I. Hilger; G. Rimkus 2012
State modeling of the land mobile satellite channel with angle diversity Daniel Arndt; Thomas Heyn; Albert Heuberger; Roberto Prieto-Cerdeira and Ernst Eberlein 2012
60 GHz ultrawideband front-ends with gain control, phase shifter, and wave guide transition in LTCC technology Robert Müller; Frank Wollenschläger; Alexander Schulz; Mohamed Elkhouly; Uwe Trautwein; Matthias A. Hein; Jens Müller; Alexis Paolo Garcia Ariza and Reiner S. Thomä 2012
Polarimetric ultrawideband MIMO radar for security check points: detecting and classifying suspects carrying wires Alexis Paolo Garcia Ariza and Reiner S. Thomä 2012
Evaluation of LTE link-level performance with closed loop spatial multiplexing in a realistic urban macro environment Christian Schneider and Reiner S. Thomä 2012
Low-profile Ka-band satellite terminal antenna based on a dual-band partially reflective surface A. Krauss; H. Bayer; R. Stephan and M. A. Hein 2012
Application of the channel synthesis approach to evaluate the performance of an experimental 4-port application antenna Martin Käske; Christian Schneider; Reiner Thomä and Jörg Pamp 2012
UWB localization of moving targets in shadowed regions R. Zetik; M. Röding and R. S. Thomä 2012
De-correlation distance of the large scale parameters in an urban macro cell scenario Annika Böttcher and Peter Vary; Christian Schneider and Reiner S. Thomä 2012
A dual-band multimode monopulse tracking antenna for land-mobile satellite communications in Ka-band Hendrik Bayer; Alexander Krauss; Ralf Stephan and Matthias A. Hein 2012
60 GHz polarimetric MIMO sensing: architectures and technology Alexis Paolo Garcia Ariza; Robert Müller; Ralf Stephan; Frank Wollenschläger; Alexander Schulz; Mohamed Elkhouly; Christoph Scheytt; Uwe Trautwein; Jens Müller; Reiner S. Thomä and Matthias A. Hein 2012