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Title: Aposmation,|| Operis Apo-||demici Sev Hodoeporici||, De varijs variorum Auctorum Pe-||regrinationibus totius|| Orbis|| Avctarivm.|| nempe Henrici Porsii I. C.|| Iter Bizantinum:|| Nathanis Chytraei|| Iter Dantiscanum:|| [et]|| Francisci Fabri|| Sabothvs, Sive|| Silesia.||
Author: Porsius, Henricus
Other Involved Persons: Chyträus, Nathan
Other Involved Persons: Köckritz, Franz
Other Involved Persons: Waldkirch, Konrad von
Published: Basileæ : Per Conradvm Vvaldkirch M.D.XCII.
Source: Itinerarivm|| Totivs Orbis:|| siue|| Opvs Peregrina-||tionvm Variarvm; In VII.|| Classes distinctum:|| Historicum, Ethicum, Physicum,|| Geographicum.||, (1592), 2

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